Residential Student Parking

For on‐campus residents only

Limited residential parking permits are available for eligible campus resident students. Residential parking permits are sold via Academic Progress. Resident parking areas are the only parking areas on campus where overnight parking is permitted.

All students choosing to park on campus are encouraged to read the Parking Rules and Regulations prior to purchasing a permit and parking on campus.

On-campus residents are NOT allowed to purchase or use daily, weekly or quarterly parking permits. Residents displaying general parking permits are subject to citation. Permits are non-transferrable.

Resident Parking Rates

Permit Type Resident Permit (on-campus resident student)
Annual $600.00

2017-2018 Permit Eligibility

Permits will be available for purchase beginning August 16, 2017 for on campus residents in the order of highest academic progress level to the lowest (IV to II). You can find your Academic Progress level on Poly Profile, under the Academic Progress heading. Once all permits are committed for a lot or structure, students will have the opportunity to add their name to the permit waitlist established at the start of the academic year. Freshman residents will not be able to add themselves to the waitlist.

Dates Open Academic Progress Level
Wednesday, August 16 - Sunday, August 20 All Graduate Students and Academic Progress Level IV (75.1%-100%)
Monday, August 21 - Sunday, August 27 Academic Progress Level III (45.1%-75%) & a Majority of Transfer Students
Monday, August 28 - Tuesday, September 5 Academic Progress Level II (20.1%-45%)
Beginning Tuesday, September 5 Remaining residential permits and waitlist open to students with Academic Progress IV to I

First-Time Freshman Parking Policy

Cal Poly residential students are not permitted to bring vehicles to campus for the duration of their freshman year (fall through spring quarters). This includes students who have enough credits to be considered sophomores at any time during their first academic year at Cal Poly. First year residential students are limited from purchasing campus parking permits including daily, weekly, and quarterly permits.

We realize that freshmen students will want to take advantage of the many activities available off-campus as well. While no resources can truly match the convenience of a private vehicle, a number of transportation options are available for all Cal Poly students include: Zipcar, PolyRides, bicycle, taxi/Uber/Lyft, SLO transit, RTA bus, and Amtrak bus.

It is our hope that by restricting vehicles in the freshman year, students will take advantage of the many alternative transportation options available to them, and will think twice about the need to bring their vehicles to San Luis Obispo in subsequent years. Cal Poly students with an extraordinary situation may apply for an exception to the above policy.

Guidelines for restricting freshman from bringing vehicles to campus have been established at a majority of California Universities including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, Stanford, and Santa Clara University.

Interpretation and Enforcement of this Policy

We ask that students comply with the spirit of this policy by not bringing vehicles to San Luis Obispo with the expectation that they can be parked on the streets or public areas of our neighboring communities. Cal Poly works with its neighbors to reduce traffic flow and parking in nearby off-campus neighborhoods, and students are expected to help Cal Poly be a good neighbor. In addition, most surrounding streets and neighborhoods require a city parking permit or have limited time zones. Permits are only available to the property owner or authorized recipient who currently reside within the residential district boundaries.

Exception Process

A limited number of spaces have been allocated to accommodate freshman residents who demonstrate a compelling need or who would suffer undue hardship under the Freshman Parking Policy. Exception requests may require appropriate justification for approval. The exception application will be posted here August 7th before annual permits go on sale.

Medical Needs

Students that require support for temporary disabilities (injuries) or continuing disabilities/challenges must submit a request for services form with the Cal Poly Disability Resource Center (DRC) to be considered for a medical exception.

Exception Application

Students who can demonstrate a compelling need or who would suffer undue hardship under the Freshman Parking Policy can apply for an exception.

Exceptions will be reviewed by a committee consisting of a diverse group of staff and student representatives. Granted exceptions will be kept to a minimum. Exception requests must be approved prior to bringing a vehicle to campus.

To submit a request for an exception, complete the application and submit during the application window. Applications will only be accepted during the application window. Applications submitted after the application window will not be reviewed.

Fall Quarter 2017 - Begins August 7th

Application Window Monday August 7 - Sunday August 13
Committee Review Monday August 14 - Friday August 25
Decisions Emailed Monday August 28 - Friday September 1

Parking Waitlist

The parking waitlist is a first-come, first-served process. Parking permit awards via the waitlist are made based on availability within the parking area with a definitive purchase time frame to purchase. All parking permits awarded via waitlist are sold online only.

First time freshman student residents are not eligible to join the waitlist.

The waitlists will be moved at a regular interval. Notification is made via parking e-mail and offered the opportunity to purchase a permit.

Steps to add to a resident waitlist

If you are eligible to add to a waitlist below are the steps to add:

  1. Login to your Cal Poly Portal
  2. Select the “Money Matters” tab
  3. Select “Online Parking Services”
  4. Select, “Cal Poly Student /Staff/Faculty Login”
  5. Select “Add/Edit Waitlists” follow the prompts, and make your selection.

You will be notified by email once you have been awarded the right to purchase your residential permit.