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Vanpool Program

A vanpool is like carpool except it holds more people, typically a group of 5 to 15 people who commute together in a van or SUV. There are three vendors that provide services in San Luis Obispo County.

We recommend comparing your vanpool options to ensure the best fit for your commute.

How to start a vanpool

  1. Gather a group of colleagues who live in a similar region
  2. Contact a vendor to start the vanpool
  3. Contact Rideshare via email to sign up for subsidies and incentives
  4. Start vanpooling and have your vanpool captain log trip in Rideshare to collect on subsidies and incentives

Benefits of Vanpools

  • Save money by sharing the cost your vehicle
  • Save fuel and maintenance of your personal vehicle
  • Secure a parking space on campus
  • TAPS allows vanpools free parking in designated vanpool spaces
  • TAPS pays 100% of fuel costs
  • TAPS offers riders 2 daily parking permits per month
  • SLOCOG will cover 50% of your costs for the first 3 months in your new vanpool
  • SLOCOG incentives for new drivers and carpool captains

Find new riders or vans in your area using Cal Poly Rideshare Networks to find others near your home with similar commutes to Cal Poly.

Let us help you discover the options that work best for you. Commuter Services (805) 756-6680 or email