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Emergency Blue Light Phones

In an effort to help make a safer campus for everyone, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo has installed emergency blue light phones. Emergency phones are to be used for incidents in which police, fire or medical assistance is needed.

The emergency phones can be identified by their distinct tower-design and blue light located on the top of each unit. These lights are automatically lit after dark and flash when in use to draw attention.

The emergency blue light phones, which are equipped with speakerphones, automatically dial 911. To call for assistance, press the button next to the word “EMERGENCY” and you will be automatically connected to a Cal Poly Police Dispatcher. The dispatcher will be notified of your exact location and send help. The emergency blue light phones are located throughout the campus in high traffic areas such as campus walkways, parking lots and structures, the University Housing and other common areas.

Interactive Blue Phone Map


The emergency telephones are provided for the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Abuse or misuse through prank, false alarm, or harassing calls is a crime by state statute and violators will be prosecuted. If you press the emergency button by mistake, please advise the emergency operator of your mistake.