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Campus Alarms: Security Alarm Policy


The Security Alarm Policy provides direction on processes and responsibilities for Alarm installation, testing, and on-going maintenance.

Security Alarms enhance the safety of the campus community and its property. Types of Alarms include:

  • Door Access control, such as entry/exit and door motion alarms
  • Hold-up or Panic type alarms which are button or pendant activated

Alarms signals are transmitted to the local panel and then to Public Safety Dispatch. This allows for a proper deployment response. Security panels will be a stand-alone system not to be added into another panel type (i.e. Fire panel).


All Security Alarm installations must comply with campus standards including:

  • Approval by Cal Poly Public Safety (PS)
  • Campus building procedures and code
  • Signals communicate to PS dispatch
  • Communication to Alarm receiver (via UDACT device)
  • Alarms installed by a campus approved vendor

Request Process

To Get Started

Call Public Safety front desk to setup a request.

Security alarms are requested by campus constituents who require the use of monitoring services. Requests are made to Public Safety who meets with the requestor to provide guidance on the proper application and usage of alarms. This includes discussion with the client whether an alarm is appropriate for placement based on needs.

Once approved by PS, the requestor will work with Facilities Management & Development to choose and work with an alarm vendor. FM&D works with the vendor, A&F Network and Technology Services (ANTS) and Information Technology Services (ITS) to install, program and test the new alarm.

Responsibilities of Public Safety (PS):

  • Consult on Alarm usage and Purpose
  • Maintain copy of Alarm points and current Department contact
  • Security alarm policies and procedures (reference)
  • Approve installation of security alarms

Responsibilities of Facilities Project Manager:

  • Work with Alarm vendor, Department contact, ANTS Alarms on project scope
  • Provide communication request to Campus IT
  • Provide Work Order for ANTS Alarm team

Responsibilities of A&F Network Technology Services (ANTS) team:

  • Communication with Facilities Project Manager on needs.
  • Working with Alarm vendor on initial 100% alarm point testing from panel to PS.

Responsibilities of Information Technology Services (ITS):

  • Provide panel communications (Networking or Phone).

Responsibilities of Alarm vendor:

  • Contact ANTS Alarm team for initial 100% alarm point testing from panel to PS.
  • Contact Department contact to arrange testing

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibility Notes
Requester Customer Department who requests the alarm be installed
Review/consultation Cal Poly Public Safety (PS) Meets with customer to review needs and determine which alarm type is the most appropriate
Approval of install PS Approval for alarm installation
Approval of install: building permit Facilities Management and Development (FM&D) Works with the vendor and customer to assure building codes are followed
Alarm Installation: Panel and points Vendor Currently CAMES and Deep Blue
Alarm installation: electricity FM&D Routes electricity as needed.
Alarm installation: Initial signal configuration and testing Vendor/ A&F Network and Technology Services (ANTS) Vendor provides programming information to ANTS and completes 100% testing to Dispatch.
Alarm installation: Phone lines/Network Information Technology Services (ITS) Support the communication from the panel to dispatch
Alarm Receiver support ANTS Manages alarm server and receiver. Assures signals reach dispatch with appropriate signal.
Receive and act on initiated signals PS Dispatch receives signals, notifies contacts and dispatches as appropriate
Alarm testing PS with Customer Test signals annually
Alarm ownership Customer Customer is responsible for being the primary alarm contact, coordinating support, managing billing, and paying all associated costs
Alarm troubleshooting and maintenance Customer with Vendor Customer is responsible for all alarm maintenance (with vendor). PS/ANTS/ ITS can assist vendors with trouble-shooting as needed.
Contact list PS Dates and annual touch base PS PS reaches out to customers to assure ownership is the same and share any relevant news, information or policy changes.


Department Charge Charge frequency Fee
Vendor Installation charge One time Varies ($500- $2500)
Vendor Onsite maintenance/troubleshooting As needed (ongoing) Varies
ANTS Installation: alarm point configuration and initial testing One time ~65/hour. Typically 1-2 hours
ITS Patch Panel installation One time Varies on job
ITS Phone line (for communication) Ongoing ~$20/month
FM&D: electric Wiring One time Varies
FM&D: Project management Manage building permit process and other construction if needed One time Varies
CPPD Signal monitoring Ongoing
CPPD False alarm charges As needed (ongoing)