NEW SAFETY APP — Campus safety made easy: Cal Poly provides the Rave Guardian App for all

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Safety App - Rave Guardian

Your studying late safety sidekick - Rave Guardian

Active members of the Cal Poly community can download the free Rave Guardian safety app and turn their smartphone into a personal safety device. Rave Guardian offers Cal Poly users a single safety app that can send anonymous tips, set a safety timer for self-guided on-campus safety walks, text Mustang Patrol directly for safety walks, connect to 24-hour police or support services, and easy emergency communication directly with Cal Poly Police Department (CPPD).

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You can connect friends and family contacts as “Social Guardians” and request one or more of them to virtually walk with you on or off campus. It's like having an emergency blue light system and a trusted friend with you at all times.

Signing up is a quick and simple three-step process

  1. Download the Rave Guardian Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play
    • IOS App Store Link

      Google Play Store Link
  2. When prompted, enter your mobile phone number and authenticate
  3. Enter your Cal Poly email address to connect to the Cal Poly community and authenticate

Rave Guardian Features

Safety Timer

A virtual escort, the Safety Timer provides an additional layer of security for Cal Poly students and employees. You can set a fixed time for your departure and arrival, and your Guardians are notified when you reach your destination.

If you do not reach your destination at the designated time and do not deactivate your Safety Timer, your Guardians will be notified of your location.

Text with CPPD

The Cal Poly Rave Guardian app offers two-way confidential or anonymous texting. You can directly connect with CPPD to request a safety walk from Mustang Patrol, report any suspicious activity, along with text and images, discreetly though your smartphone.

Text anonymously

Submit a text message directly to CPPD. Only CPPD will see the tip, and you can choose to stay anonymous for ultimate privacy.

Help with the Push of a Button

Users can easily connect with 9-1-1 or CPPD officials through pre-programmed emergency call button. If the situation is unsafe for you to speak, you can send a text message and a picture, and share or stream your location in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rave Guardian app

  • Who can use Rave Guardian?

    The application is available for use by all active Cal Poly students and current Cal Poly employees. Subscribers to the application must use a Cal Poly email address to login.

  • Does Rave Guardian work off-campus?

    Yes, the “Links and Email” feature works whether you are on- or off-campus; however, if you have an emergency at an off-campus location, you should dial 9-1-1. If you send a tip that is not on campus, the information will be forwarded to the off-campus law enforcement agency.

    The Safety Timer will continue to work off campus but CPPD will not available as an Official Guardian. You are still able to select a Social Guardian to track your Timer session. For more about Safety Timer, see FAQs below.

  • Can I still contact Cal Poly Police Department if I don't use the app?

    Absolutely. When on-campus, you can contact CPPD by using 9-1-1 or 805-756-2281 or use any Blue Light phone. You can also walk in to CPPD, Building 36. When you are off campus, you will want to use 9-1-1.

  • Does Rave Guardian work with any cell phone providers?

    The basic profile features of Rave Guardian work on any iPhone or Android smartphone running on any U.S.-based mobile carrier network with the app installed on it. Rave Guardian can locate most smartphone devices on the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon networks. Even if Rave Guardian cannot determine your phone's location, all other profile information will be made available to CPPD when you use Rave Guardian.

  • Do I have to have “push notifications” turned on for Rave Guardian to work?

    We recommend that you allow notifications from Rave Guardian. This will alert you when your timer is about to expire, and when you have received a response from CPPD.

  • Are there certain factors that can affect the location accuracy (GPS)?

    Yes. Factors include but are not limited to: whether or not you are calling from inside a building or a “dead spot;” the strength of your cell signal, such as proximity of cell towers or satellites; whether or not your phone is GPS enabled and the type and quality of your phone; carrier and signal. If possible, you should provide detailed location information via text or voice. This will enable CPPD personnel to reach you quickly when Rave Guardian is activated.

Safety Timer

  • What is a Social Guardian and an Official Guardian?

    Guardians can take on two forms. When authenticated with a Cal Poly email address, CPPD will be the “Official Guardian.” A “Social Guardian” is a personal contact like friends or family. Both Social Guardians and Official Guardians can be selected during the Safety Timer session while on campus. If you are off campus you will only be able to select a Social Guardian.

  • What if I forget to turn off my Safety Timer?
    When using the Safety Timer, the user will receive a reminder text message five minutes before expiring. If it expires, a message immediately goes to you and your chosen Guardian(s) and they can see your location and call your cell phone. If CPPD is your chosen Guardian, they will contact you by phone and can send an officer to your location to verify that you are ok or assist you if you are in distress.
  • Is Cal Poly Police Department notified every time my Safety Timer expires?
    No. Cal Poly Police Department is only notified of your Safety Timer expiring if you selected them to be your chosen Guardian for that session. If you select a personal contact to be your Social Guardian and your Safety Timer expires, CPPD will NOT be notified.

Go Anonymous

  • Are texts sent through Rave Guardian anonymous?

    You can choose whether to send a text anonymously each time you send a text. To send text or photo tips anonymously, tap the “Text with CPPD” button and a “Go Anonymous” option is at the top of your screen. If you choose to text anonymously, CPPD will not be able to see your name, phone number or any other identifying information about you. If you do not select to go anonymous, your name, phone number and profile are displayed to CPPD when you send text through the Rave Guardian app.

Privacy and Security

  • Is Rave Guardian always tracking me?

    No. Your privacy is of the utmost importance. You can only be located if you have asked for help. Rave Guardian location information is only enabled when you choose to make an emergency call, send a tip or when your Safety Timer expires and CPPD has been designated as your “Official Guardian.”

  • Will Rave Guardian let other people, like my family or friends, track me?

    Yes, if you assign a personal contact or Social Guardian during any individual Safety Timer usage, they will have the capability to track your status. You are in full control of this feature. It only works when you add personal contacts to your Safety Timer session. You must request them as a Guardian. Your Guardian(s) will receive an invitation via text with a link to monitor each individual Safety Timer session. They cannot track you permanently using Rave Guardian.

  • Can Cal Poly Police Department track me whenever they want?

    No. Cal Poly Police Department will only be able to obtain your information if you choose Cal Poly Police Department as your Official Guardian and your Safety Timer session expires and not before. Rave Guardian location information is only activated when the location setting is enabled on your smartphone.

  • Is my Rave Guardian profile secure?

    Yes. Rave Mobile Safety (the provider of Rave Guardian) uses the latest in security technologies and processes to ensure that all your information is kept secure and private. Rave also undergoes regular security audits to ensure the data is secure.