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Bicycle Patrol

Officers on bikes

The University Police Department has maintained an active Bicycle Patrol program since 1993. An intensive five-day training including advanced riding skills, defensive and offensive riding strategies and general bike maintenance, is required to be certified as a Bicycle Patrol Officer.

Currently, seven officers are certified and assigned to the bike team and use four specially equipped patrol bikes which are utilized during day and night hours.

The advantages of Bicycle Patrol are:

  • effective in highly populated areas
  • less expensive than vehicles
  • allows more informal interactions between officer and citizen
  • attracts children which creates a learning opportunity for safe riding discussions
  • access to areas that a car cannot go, such as trails, dorm grounds, inner campus areas, and some alley accesses onto and off campus
  • less obtrusive than a patrol car
  • ability to actively patrol Poly Canyon

The Bicycle Patrol also works with the Crime Prevention Unit in presenting Bike Safety Education. A bicycle diversion class is offered to those who have received traffic citations while riding their bicycle. We also coordinate with the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Coalition to offer more extensive bicycle safety skills.

If you are interested in a presentation or want more information regarding bicycle programs contact UPD at 805-756-2281.

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