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Campus Safety Reports

In order to better protect the public, UPD maintains & publishes vital security statistics related to on-campus security and fire safety. Learn more about the records UPD keeps, and access specific reports.

Campus Security Report (Clery Act)

In compliance with the Campus Security Act and the United States Department of Education, UPD compiles yearly reports about crimes committed on campus and in the surrounding community. These reports enable members of the campus community to see statistics about the rates of crime on their campus in order to help ensure personal and public safety. Clery reports are published on the UPD site and available year round.

The current Campus Security Report may be viewed here:

The campus must also maintain a Daily Crime Log. The purpose of the daily crime log is to record all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the campus police.

Fire Safety Report

The Clery Act also requires that higher learning institutions publish yearly statistics and assessments regarding campus fire safety. UPD strives to work with the Federal Government to help ensure the safety of all campus members. Learn more about Cal Poly's fire safety by viewing the Fire Safety Report.

The current Fire Safety Report may be viewed here:

Annual California Campus Safety Plan Report

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo prepares this report in compliance with California State Education Code, Chapter 16, of the Donahue Higher Education Act, Section 67380. California publically funded educational institutions are required to compile reports of occurrences and arrests for Part I crimes of willful homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault as well as crimes occurring on campus that involve violence, hate violence, theft, destruction of property, illegal drugs, and alcohol intoxication committed on campus the previous calendar year.

The current Campus Safety Plan Report may be viewed here:

UPD Activity Log

In addition to compiling an annual crime report, UPD maintains daily logs of all on-campus incidents. The Activity Log summarize incidents reported to the University Police over the past sixty days, appear with the most recent log at the top of the list. An updated log is generally posted by 9:00 AM the following day.

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