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Residential Student Parking

For on‐campus residents only

Residential Parking is provided for those students who live on campus and wish to park their vehicles. Residential permits are only available to persons living on campus, and allows students to keep their car parked on campus overnight in residential lots.Please review the campus parking rules and regulations prior to parking or purchasing a permit.

Note: On-Campus residents are NOT allowed to use general parking permits. Residents displaying general parking permits will be cited.

Parking Rates

Pricing for general parking permits is avalable on the Parking Permit Fees page.

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2015-16 Waitlist Information

Resident permits will be sold on an annual basis only for the R1 lot and R3 Poly Canyon Village and R4 Village Drive parking structure. These permits will be available on first come, first serve basis via waitlist as of Monday, August 10th.

Do I need to bring a vehicle to campus?

No. Cal Poly is encouraging students to plan ahead and consider their commute options. From biking, walking, car sharing and busing students can easily get around campus without a vehicle. Everything a student needs can be found on campus and the bus system is FREE to students for commuting around San Luis Obispo.

Why is there a wait list?

Beginning Fall, 2015 the R2 parking lot will be closed when construction begins on the new Student Housing South project.

How does the wait list work?

Residents that opt to bring a vehicle to campus will have to register on the waitlist via their my Cal Poly portal for a residential parking permit. This is a first-come, first-served process. In addition, once the award is made you have a definitive purchase time frame to purchase your permit or your priority for the selected area will be lost.

For all campus resident parking areas, a customer must add their choice(s) to the wait list for their desired lot or parking structure. Customers can be on a wait list for up to three (3) areas and lot/parking structure choices should be listed based upon priority. For example, the lot you prefer the most should be listed as your first choice, your second choice should be listed next, and so on. You do not have to select three (3) choices.

If you are offered a lot/parking structure from one of your wait list options, you will remain on the wait list(s) for any lots/parking structure you have listed as a higher priority, but will be removed from the wait list(s) below the lot/garage you are being offered.

Waiting lists will be moved at a regular interval and individuals whose names reach the top of the wait list for a lot/parking structure with a vacancy will be contacted via Parking e-mail and offered the opportunity to exchange or purchase the new permit available.

How do I add myself to the waitlist?

Waitlist registration for resident parking permits will open on Monday August 10th. In order to register please login to your Cal Poly Portal, chose the “Money Matters” tab and scroll down to Online Parking Services, chose Cal Poly Student /Staff/Faculty Login you will then see the option to Add/Edit Waitlists. Please follow the prompts, and make your selections. You will be notified by email once you have been awarded the right to purchase your residential permit.

How many quarters does an annual permit cover?

An annual resident permit covers Fall 2015-Spring 2016

What is the cost of an annual permit?


I usually buy quarter permits, I don’t see that as an option?

In order to accommodate all the residents that need a vehicle, priority will be given to students that commit to purchasing a parking permit for the whole academic year.

When will the resident parking assignments happen?

Fall residential parking permit assignments will be awarded Tuesday, August 25, 2015. Fall permit sales begin Monday, August 31, 2015.

Will I be able to buy daily/weekly permits?

It is recommended that students purchase an annual permit as short term and quarterly permits will be extremely limited.

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Residential Parking Information

Online permit sales

Prior to purchasing a residential parking permit, please review the following information:

  • Please review the campus parking rules and regulations prior to parking on campus: Cal Poly Parking Rules & Regulations
  • Residents are NOT allowed to use general parking permits.
  • Long term off-campus parking within the City of San Luis Obispo is not offered.
  • Due to the 1:1 ratio of resident parking, daily, weekly and quarterly permits are offered on a limited basis.
  • There is no grace period, resident parking areas are enforced 24/7. Paid permits must be displayed in all vehicles parked on campus at Cal Poly.
  • Permits are not transferable and cannot be resold.

If you still have questions regarding on-campus parking, please call the University Police Reception Center during business hours at 805-756-6654. Questions may also be emailed to Please allow at least two (2) business days for a reply.

Additional Info & Options

Please visit the links below for further information regarding parking and alternative transportation at Cal Poly and in the City of San Luis Obispo:

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