Biological Safety (or biosafety) has paralleled the development of the science of microbiology and its extension into new and related areas including tissue culture, recombinant DNA, animal studies, molecular biology, synthetic biology, and biotechnology. The Biosafety Program identifies practices, procedures, and operational standards for safe handling and use of biological materials, infectious agents and recombinant DNA molecules at Cal Poly State University. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Cal OSHA provide regulations and guidance in the operational standards contained in this program. For questions or more information, contact Christina Juarez, EHS Supervisor at x6674 or

Biological Safety Cabinet Certification. Biological Safety Cabinets on campus are certified every year in September by Clean Room Services. The vendor contacts the BSC owner every August to set up an appointment to recertify. Vendor will request department billing information and provide certification report to department contact. If you have questions reguarding BSC certification contact Clean Room Services at 1-818-701-6453 or EHS

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