Job Safety Analysis and Resources

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a systematic technique of analyzing potential hazards for each task accosiated with a hazardous process or task. Completed JSAs describe how to perform a task, step-by-step, identifying the specific hazards associated with each step, and documents the controls necessary to mitigate each hazard.

JSAs should be developed as part of a safety training program for Campus Department's equipment and operations that present safety hazards and/or concerns.

Supervisors, Principal Investigators (PIs) or advisors can use the completed JSA to train affected personnel and students on equipment and operations before they begin engaging in such work practices.

The following Job Safety Analysis (JSA) template is available for download in Microsoft Word. The job hazard analysis form prompts the evaluator to add steps, identify and capture hazards, and recommend preventive measures.

Job Safety Resources and Guidance Documents: