Fall Protection

Fall hazards are the most common causes of serious injuries in the workplace. Minor injuries can result from slips, trips and falls at ground level, while more serious injuries can result from falls at heights four feet or greater. Fall hazards should first controlled through safe design, hazard elimination, engineering controls, safe work practices, and training. If a fall hazard cannot be eliminated, effective fall protection shall be planned, implemented, and monitored to control the risks of injury due to falling.

The Cal Poly Fall Protection Program provides guidelines for workers engaged in outdoor or indoor activities that can expose them to a fall or dangerous walking or working surfaces.

The program provides includes procedures for the selection, use of, inspections, and record-keeping of all fall protection equipment. The Fall Protection Program applies to any department on campus, or any Cal Poly owned property where any type of activities could result in injuries from falls.

If you have questions regarding fall protection, please contact Melonee Cruse at 805-756-6664 or email at mecruse@calpoly.edu.