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Fire Safety

The primary goal of the fire and life safety standards is for building occupants to avoid injury or death during a fire or other emergency. The Campus Building Evacuation Procedure has been prepared to ensure the orderly and complete evacuation of campus buildings in the event of an emergency and/or the activation of alarm system.

Reporting a fire

All fires, no matter how trivial are to be reported to Cal Poly University Police dispatch (911 or 756-2281).  This accomplishes several things:

  • The Fire Department will respond to any emergent/active fire and extinguish
  • An incident log will be entered
  • The State Fire Marshall will be notified of the fire, a legal requirement

If you have extinguished the fire yourself, notify Cal Poly University Police dispatch (756-2281) so that fire information is recorded and the State Fire Marshall is notified.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection, testing and Maintenance

Cal Poly has over 3,500 fire extinguishers on campus. Fire extinguishers require annual maintenance by a vendor and monthly checks by end users or EHS. The purpose of fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance is to increase the likelihood the the fire extinguisher will work during a fire. Per the Cal Poly Fire Protection Inspection,testing and maintenance program fire extinguisher monthly inspections are completed by department staff in department or college owned spaces. Inspection of unassigned spaces such as hallways and mechanical spaces are completed by EHS. EHS contracts with Sillicon Valley Fire to conduct annual maintenance of all extinguishers on campus. Annual inspections should be completed within two months of the prior years inspection. If you find an extinguisher with an out of date annual contact EHS for change out or maintenance. EHS stocks fire extinguishers for changeout when a extinguisher fails a monthly or annual check.