Report a Hazardous or Potentially Unsafe Condition, Suggestion, Share a Lesson Learned, or Recognize a Safety Champion

Report a hazardous condtion or safety concern in your workplace or anywhere on campus. Do Not Use this form to report an emergency. If this is a medical emergency or an active chemical spill, contact Cal Poly Police Document at 805-756-2281 or call 911 from a campus phone.

This form can also be used to report positive safety items shuch as lessons learned, to share with other departments, suggestions for improvement, or to recognize someone for positive safety performance.

In most instances, information reported can be kept confidential, if requested. However we may not be able to we cannot guarantee complete confidentiality in the event that a crime was committed or that people were seriously endangered.

If you would like to speak with someone immediately about your concern, please contact EHS/Facilities Help Desk at 805-756-5555.