Food Safety

The purpose of this program is to prevent the occurrence of foodborne illnesses by promoting the safe preparation, production, and service of food in hygienic, properly equipped and maintained food facilities.

Any operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends, or otherwise provides food intended for human consumption to the general public, must be conducted within an approved food facility.

Several Cal Poly organizations work together to ensure food safety on campus (dining services, catering, student affairs, events, EHS and risk management). Any permanent food facility on campus that prepares or serves food is required to meet the requirements of California Retail Food Code. This regulation outlines food safety requirements, cleaning and sanitation of equipment and training for anyone who handles or serves food.

Dining Services conducts inspections of permanent food facilities on campus to ensure their compliance with health code requirements and investigates complaints of food-related illnesses. To report a complaint about campus food safety, contact the facility.

Students, Faculty and Staff who wish to prepare and serve food using a temporary food facility (food booths, barbeque, and food carts) for a community event need to complete a temporary food facility form and complete food safety training. At least three people serving food at the event must complete food safety training and ensure ongoing compliance with the posted permit during the event.

Permits are necessary for student clubs or departments that wish to prepare or serve food to others at open house, culture fest or other campus community events. A temporary food facility permit is not required if the food served is pre-packaged (brownies, cookies, soft drinks). Faculty, staff and students are prohibited by regulation from selling or giving away food to the public that is prepared in a private home.

The purpose of a temporary permit is to ensure that the booth or area food will be served from meets food safety and equipment standards per the California retail food code. The temporary permit process also identifies training requirements for anyone serving or preparing food to ensure an understanding of basic food safety.

Please post the temporary food permit at the event. It is not necessary to submit the permit to EHS for approval.

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