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Forklift Safety

Cal/OSHA requires that anyone who operates a forklift needs to be trained prior to operating the forklift. Below are the options for forklift training completion.

Option 1:

Complete Cal Poly online training including a practical evaluation.

To execute this option please send email addresses and names of employees who need the training to the Environmental, Health and Safety email address. EHS will assign forklift training in the Learning Hub. When training is assigned the employee will recieve an email from the Learning Hub for the following 5 classes:

Option 2:

Contact Austin Smith at United Rental 805-266-9049. Cal Poly has a contract with United Rental to provide forklift online training and practical evaluations. United Rental will require competion of there online training and a practical evaluation specific to the forklift you are operating and the environment you are operating it in. Submit completed Practical records to EHS for completion credit of trainings from option 1.

Option 3:

When large numbers of employees need training EHS schedules forklift training using a vendor who provides classroom training and a practical evaluation on site. EHS currently has no classes scheduled. This is the training required for forklift evaluators.