Safety Inspection Documents

The campus Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Section 10.1, requires departments to conduct regular safety inspections of areas under their control. These safety inspection checklists have been developed to assist departments in fulfilling this responsibility.

If a particular operation or item does not exist in your area, please note this on the inspection form by one of the following methods:

  • Write "N/A" in the comments section for that item.
  • Draw a diagonal line through the item description(s) for the item or for the entire section, if not applicable to your operations.

It is important to document that an item has been reviewed and found to not apply to your area of inspection, please do not just leave items blank if they do not apply.
Departments should feel free to modify and customize these forms for their operations. The Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Office can provide the original Word file for modification. If your office has operations, equipment, or processes not covered by this checklist, EH&S will assist you in developing a checklist tool for the office.
The checklist is designed so that each applicable inspection item should be answered with a "yes."
Inspected items, which are checked "no", require corrective action. Corrections to noted problems may be by:

  • Fixing it yourself.
  • Issuing a work order to Facility Services to repair an item. Work orders may be issued via phone at x65555 or via an online web form at:
  • If these methods cannot correct the problem, contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office at x66662 for assistance.

After the problem is corrected, the date of correction should be entered in the "comments" section next to that inspection checklist item.
After completion, all safety inspection checklists should be kept by the department for at least three (3) years. The C.S.U. Board of Trustees performs periodic audits of these records.
Questions regarding safety inspections can be directed to the Environmental Health & Safety Office at extension 66662 or