Facilities Request Types

Basic Maintenance and Repairs: Facilities is funded to maintain state buildings, landscaping, and the campus wide road and utility infrastructure in support of the university's academic mission. Therefore, we do not charge for maintenance services at state facilities. Our department is not funded to maintain non-state facilities, such as those leased by ASI, Corporation, and Foundation and must charge these groups for our services. We are not permitted to expend tax-payer funds in support of non-state entities.

Minor Requests: These consist of non-maintenance requests and are generally smaller jobs predominately completed by a single trade, such as Painters or Carpenters, with the possibility of minor support from others. Facilities is not funded for this type of work and, therefore, must charge for these services. A valid chartfield string must be submitted along with the request and the requestor must have authority to expend campus funds..

Project Requests: These consist of larger jobs, such as facility modifications, including change of use, renovations, or system upgrades. They are generally completed by multiple trade shops with the possibility that one or more outside contractor may be involved. Facilities is not funded for non-maintenance project work and must charge for these services, which are often completed on overtime, due to staffing constraints. A valid chartfield string must be submitted along with the request and high level approval must be obtained prior to the commencement of work. Facilities Customer & Business Services will assist the requestor with the approval process.


Basic Maintenance and Repairs

  • Replace burnt‐out light tubes or street lights
  • Repair a broken faucet or clogged sink
  • Repair a leaky drinking fountain
  • Replace a broken toilet seat
  • Reset a tripped breaker
  • Adjust the temperature in a room that is too hot or too cold
  • Repair an electrical outlet or light switch that is not working
  • Repair a broken window
  • Replace a broken towel or soap dispenser
  • Repair or replace broken door hardware (hinges, closing mechanism, etc.)
  • Replace a clock in a general‐purpose lecture room

Minor Requests

Note: more extensive versions of these jobs may be considered project requests.
  • Install or move an electrical outlet or light switch
  • Fabricate and hang signage
  • Install blinds in an office
  • Re‐key a door lock
  • Extra Custodial work, such as waxing a floor upon request
  • Install a keyboard tray
  • Attach a bookcase or file cabinet to the wall
  • Provide or replace a clock in an office or lab
  • Hang pictures or bulletin boards
  • Install a small shelving unit

Project Requests

    Upgrade electrical for new equipment
  • Remodel a lab
  • Install security alarms
  • Convert a storage room to office space
  • Install new flooring
  • Modify office cubicle space or the layout of modular furniture
  • Remove a wall or cut a new doorway
  • Upgrade classroom technology
  • Install digital displays
  • Install new lab equipment