Paint Shop

Public Areas in State Buildings

General maintenance painting is provided on an "as needed" basis at no cost for classrooms, restrooms, hallways, instructional areas and other public areas. Please note that under normal conditions paint lasts approximately 10 years. All requests for maintenance painting are evaluated for paint condition. Maintenance painting is performed only with standard campus colors.

Graffiti Removal

Paint Shop personnel are also responsible for removing campus graffiti. If you observe graffiti please immediately notify Facilities Management & Development Help Center at 805-756-5555.

Departmental Office Areas in State Buildings

Maintenance painting for departmental office areas is also provided at no charge, provided the supervising Painter has evaluated that the existing paint qualifies. Standard campus colors are used. Departments may request painting if the current paint has not deteriorated on a recharge basis.

Non-State Facilities

Campus Auxiliaries (Corporation, ASI, etc.) are responsible for all painting in these areas. All painting must have an approved Building Permit before work begins. Auxiliaries may also request an estimate for service from Facilities Operations.


Facilities Management & Development Help Center