Solid Waste & Recycling

Cal Poly contracts for collection of solid waste and recycling. Cal Poly Facilities Operations operates an integrated waste management program that includes source use reduction, recycling, green waste, resale of scrap metal and surplus equipment, and zero waste event catering.


Recycling containers are provided to faculty, staff, and students by Facilities Operations, and collection is performed by Custodial Services. For questions regarding recycling services email or visit our Sustainability website.

*PLEASE NOTE disposal and/or dumping of personal or household waste from off campus is strictly prohibited. Violations will be referred to Cal Poly Police Department (CPPD) for investigation and offenders may be subject to penalty.

What Items and Materials Can Be Recycled?

These items CAN be recycled:

These items CANNOT be recycled:

Universal Waste

The following universal wastes and materials require special handling for recycling or disposal, please use the guidelines below.

Hazardous Waste