Temporary Signs

Want to advertise your event, symposium, training, or just have something to say? Campus Administrative Policy (CAP) permits the posting of temporary signs and flyers utilizing public bulletin boards which are distributed around campus. You can find a list of public bulletin board locations, including floor plans, here. Posters and flyers should have clear contact information and date information. It is the responsibility of the person posting the information to remove the flyers once the event has passed. Parties who wish to post anonymously may do so by registering the sign with Facilities Management & Development first.

The distribution of temporary commercial and non-commercial signage, including chalking, is addressed under CAP sections 144.6 through 144.7. Please review the CAP before distributing or posting any temporary signage.

“Temporary signage may not be placed on the outside of buildings (walls, doors, windows, roofs or steps) or on interior doors, windows, walls, floors or ceilings.

Temporary signage may not be placed on trees, poles, traffic signs, trashcans, fences or hillsides. Signage may also not obstruct the entrances or exits of buildings or the line of vision to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Posting of signage on vehicles without the owner’s permission is also not permitted.” – CAP 144.7