Classroom Locksets Upgrade Pilot

The safety of our campus community is one of the top priorities for Facilities Management & Development. In response to growing concerns about classroom safety in an emergency FMD has implemented a pilot program to upgrade the locksets in select classrooms and teaching labs. Prior to the start of Fall Quarter 2018 new locksets were installed in Building 38 Mathematics, Building 22 English, and Building 10 Agriculture. These buildings were selected due to their high use.

As of Fall 2019 the pilot was expanded further to include classrooms and teaching labs across campus. A comprehensive list of all buildings where the new locksets were installed, including floorplans, can be found below Maps. Effective January 2020 installation of the new locksets will continue in the following buildings: Building 03 Business, Building 42 Robert E. Mott Physical Education, Building 180 Baker Center for Science & Math.

There are two types of lockset depending on the existing classroom configuration.

Type A – “Flip Lock”

The thumbturns on the inside of the door allow occupants to quickly lock the door from the inside without opening the door or entering the hallway. The locks have an indicator on the inside that displays whether the door is locked or unlocked.

lockset type-a flip lock in the open position lockset type-a flip lock in the closed position

Type B – “Push-Bar Lock”

The thumbturn on the pushbar locks require approximately two rotations to lock. There is a directional lock/unlock sticker as opposed to the indicator on the flip lock.

lockset type-b push-bar lock

On both lock styles first responders can enter the room using a key when locked. The doors can be freely opened from inside the room with a single action to exit, even when locked. These new locksets are fully compliant with all fire and life safety requirements.

Instructional video on how to operate the new locksets.

Information on the drive behind this pilot

Interview with Jude Fledderman, Executive Director for Facilities Operations, Derek Gragson, Associate Dean, College of Science and Mathematics, and Anton Kaul, Professor of Mathematics.

Share your Thoughts

Early in Winter Quarter the campus community will be invited to participate in a survey and share their thoughts and feedback on the pilot locksets. Facilities Management & Development is committed to continuing to improve classroom safety and your feedback will help to guide decisions on future lockset upgrades.


Building 02

Campus location for building 02
Building 02 floorplan (pdf)

Building 05

Campus location for building 05
Building 05 floorplan (pdf)

Building 06

Campus location for building 06
Building 06 floorplan (pdf)

Building 08

Campus location for building 08
Building 08 floorplan (pdf)

Building 10

Campus location for building 10
Building 10 floorplan (pdf)

Building 11

Campus location for building 11
Building 11 floorplan (pdf)

Building 13

Campus location for building 13
Building 13 floorplan (pdf)

Building 14

Campus location for building 14
Building 14 floorplan (pdf)

Building 20

Campus location for building 20
Building 20 floorplan (pdf)

Building 21

Campus location for building 21
Building 21 floorplan (pdf)

Building 22

Campus location for building 22
Building 22 floorplan (pdf)

Building 24

Campus location for building 24
Building 24 floorplan (pdf)

Building 26

Campus location for building 26
Building 26 floorplan (pdf)

Building 33

Campus location for building 33
Building 33 floorplan (pdf)

Building 34

Campus location for building 34
Building 34 floorplan (pdf)

Building 38

Campus location for building 38
Building 38 floorplan (pdf)

Building 52

Campus location for building 52
Building 52 floorplan (pdf)

Building 53

Campus location for building 53
Building 53 floorplan (pdf)

Building 186

Campus location for building 186
Building 186 floorplan (pdf)

Building 192

Campus location for building 192
Building 192 floorplan (pdf)

Interesting facts about the Classroom Locksets Upgrade Pilot


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