Facilities Workplace Management System

Planon is the Workplace Management System software solution used to manage facilities service requests and FPCP projects.


Planon User Guides for Facilities Management and Development Customers

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Creating Service Requests

Service Requests allow campus community members to easily to submit requests directly to Facilities Management & Development.

Adding Billing Allocations

Billing allocations are required for all charge-back requests (minor requests, minor requests w/estimates, and project requests).

My Service Requests

The My Service Requests self-service widget allows users to see the service requests that they have submitted or that have been submitted on their behalf.

Order Approvals

Order Approval self service item allows the user to view a list of Orders that are awaiting their approval.

Service Request Priority Structure


Examples by Priority (not an extensive list)

1 Emergency
1-24 Hours
  • Fire or explosion
  • Significant hazardous material spill or contamination
  • Electrical sparks, smoke, downed power poles or lines
  • Risk to animal life or safety
  • MAJOR water, sewer, gas, or electrical outages
  • Broken steam, water, or gas line
  • Toilet overflowing, sewage leak, back-up
  • Elevator entrapment (people inside)
  • HVAC failure in an animal or science facility, computer lab, or server
  • Gas leak or smell of gas
  • Breaker reset preventing academic instruction
2 Urgent
24-48 Hours
  • Major equipment failure
  • Inoperable locks/space cannot be secured – broken door or locks
  • Loss of temperature (control) cooling in refrigerated freezers or coolers
  • Clogged storm drains during rain (posing a flooding concern)
  • ADA compliance issue (inoperative door opener, obstructed route)
3 Important
3 Days
  • State Fire Marshal and code compliance corrective actions (CARB, RWQB, APCD)
  • Elevator Outage if another elevator is in service for the building or the building is unoccupied
  • Graffiti Removal (non-urgent)
  • Hot/Cold call (within the range of 59-87 degrees
4 Corrective
5-15 Days
  • Estimate Requests
  • USRs
  • Dripping faucets or showers (slow, contained by sink or shower drains)
  • Changing Light Bulbs
5 Elective
10-30 Days
  • Mount name plates, TVs, pictures, and whiteboards
  • EVENT Support
  • Painting offices, special requests, or deep cleaning/waxing floors