Fleet Services

The Fleet Services Department within Facilities Operations consists of a staff of trained mechanics and customers service assistants that provide cost-effective repairs and maintenance to the Cal Poly community’s vehicle fleet.

Vehicle Preventive Maintenance, Inspections, and Repair

All departments with state-owned vehicles are subject to the campus motor vehicle inspection policy (see California Education Code link below) whether the department contracts with Facilities Services Fleet Services Department for services or an outside vendor.

Maintenance and Repair

Departments may procure vehicle maintenance and inspection services from Fleet Services.

  • Facilities Operations do offer in-house services on a recharge basis. If a department contracts with Facilities Services to satisfy compliance requirements, Facilities Services will assume responsibility for maintaining all required vehicle inspection reports, and scheduled maintenance documentation.
  • Estimates are available upon request.

For scheduling, service quotes, or repair status, contact the Fleet Services office at:

Vehicle Use and Maintenance Procedure:

Please reference the campus Vehicle Use and Maintenance Procedure when state vehicles must have preventive maintenance and inspections. It also contains guidelines for performing vehicle repairs on or off campus.

Selecting Fleet Services or an Outside Vendor:

Please follow the below guidelines before contracting out an outside vendor. The CSU / Teamsters collective bargaining agreements article 4.4 states, when making any decision to contract out normal Bargaining Unit work, reasonable efforts must be made to first determine if it can be performed in-house. The Campus or Chancellor’s Office shall consider the following factors before contracting out the work:

  • The availability for Bargaining Unit employees to perform the work;
  • Whether the available Bargaining Unit employees have the special skills and certifications needed to perform the project;
  • Whether or not the work could be completed within time constraints applicable to the project;
  • The availability of required materials and/or equipment necessary to complete the project; and/or
  • The cost involved in performing the work in-house versus contracting out that work.

The requesting department must perform and document the following steps when determining whether to use Fleet Services or an outside vendor.

  • Call, email, or fill out a Vehicle Service Request Form to obtain a quote and timeline for requested vehicle service or repair (See Maintenance and Repair section above).
  • Compare that quote and timeline to the outside vendor pricing.
  • Document the following items (keep in your department files):
    • Any additional in-house costs for performing vehicle services (i.e. drop-off/pick up)
    • Price and timeline comparison of using Fleet Services vs. outside vendors
    • Cal Poly's inability to meet your requested timeline or a lower vendor price is justification to contract out.
    • An e-mail from the Lead Fleet Services Mechanic stating that Fleet Services cannot perform the work can also be used as justification to use an outside vendor.

Using Off Campus Vehicle Contracts:

For questions regarding Cal Poly vendor contracts, please contact Strategic Business Services.

Towing or Drop Off/Pick Up Service:

If pick up or drop off service is needed, contact the selected vendor to arrange transportation. For vehicle repairs where towing is needed, contact the service provider for information.


Facilities Operations offers a gasoline fuel depot that is available for official campus vehicles 24 hours a day. The dispensing system utilizes a 2- card automated method, which is specific to each vehicle. Fuel cards are issued through the Fleet Services office Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

Facilities Operations also offers Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) dispensing. Individuals must be issued a key and be trained prior to using the LPG station. Keys and training are provided through the Fleet Services office Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

CAFES offers diesel fuel, contact the Administrative Coordinator at 805.756.2563 for additional information. (Facilities Operations does not provide diesel fuel.)

Off Campus Fueling Needs

Administration & Finance, Facilities Operations offers an off-campus Fleet Fuel Card Program for departments whose vehicles travel too far to utilize the on-campus fuel depot. More information can be found on the Fleet Fuel Card Policy and Procedures page.

Vehicle Purchases

Requisitions for all vehicle purchases on campus must be forwarded to the Campus Vehicle Fleet Administrator in Facilities Operations. This must be submitted for approval prior to any new vehicle purchase. The Campus Fleet Vehicle Administrator’s role is to verify that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified that the desired vehicle model meets emission standards. They will also arrange for inspection of the new vehicle when it is delivered to campus. Upon approval of the purchase requisition, the Campus Vehicle Fleet Administrator will forward the requisition to Procurement for further action.

Vehicle Sale, Reutilization, or Disposal

Facilities Operations works with University Property Accounting to dispose of used vehicles. For a complete description see Cal Poly Property Control Procedures.

Powered Cart Policy

The campus power cart policy is administered by the University Police Department.

Accidents and Reporting

The campus accidents and reporting program is administered by Risk Management.

Driver Requirements

The campus driver requirements are administered by Environmental Health and Safety.

Documenting Control of and Monitoring Use of Vehicles

As required by the CSU, Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines, a vehicle log must be maintained for all state owned vehicles. This can be accomplished by keeping a log for checking in and checking out a vehicle that is used by multiple drivers(see State Vehicle Usage Tracking Sheet) or by documenting specific driver use of a state owned vehicle (see State Owned Vehicle Driver Assignment Form).

All documentation used to control and monitor the use of state owned vehicles must be kept by the department for a period of 7 years after the disposal of a vehicle and furnished upon request.