Facilities Organization Chart

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Facilities Management & Development

Mike McCormick - Assoc. VP Facilities Management & Development

  • Vacant (Executive Assistant to Associate VP FMD)

Facilities Planning & Capital Project

Anthony Palazzo, Executive Director Facilities Planning and Capital Projects

  • Brandi Strain (Lead Project Planner Analyst)
  • Rick Pinheiro (Project Planner Analyst)
  • Gage Sahl (Project Planner Analyst)
  • Cole Benson (Project Planner Analyst)
(Control Officer)
(Associate Director Planning and Design)
Michelle Chariton (Associate Director Capital Planning) Jeff Dillon
(Associate Director Capital Planning)
Brian Hale
(Construction Inspector)
Kristeen Eto de Gonzalez
(Campus Space Analyst)
Carla Brown
(Project Manager)
Wendy MacDonald (Planner Estimator Scheduler)
Bill Fitzpatrick (Construction Inspector) Peter Weber
(Plan Room Coordinator & Document Controller/CAD Specialist)
John Sandman
(Project Manager)
Al Cruse
(Senior Project Manager)
Howie Conroy (Construction Inspector) Vacant
(Campus Planner)
Paul Fleischer
(Project Manager)
Marcus Jackson
(Project Manager)
Keith Marshall (Construction Inspector) Vacant
(Space Planner)
Mitch Dubbers
(Project Manager)
Dave Norton
(Project Manager/ Interior Design)
Curtis McNally
(Project Manager)
Colin Princi
(Project Manager)
Brandon Medeiros (Project Manager)
Penny Sandman
(Project Manager)
Eric Soderin
(Project Manager)
Dan Swingley
(Project Manager)
Daniel Contreras
(Project Manager)
Ryan Ritchie
(Project Manager)
Matt Kelly
(Project Manager)

Facilities Customer & Business Services

Casie Hill - Director Customer Business Services

  • Carey Blauvelt (Financial Analyst)
  • Tina Flack (Financial Analyst)
(Customer Service Manager)
Holly Barrett
(Personnel & Training Manager)
Ben Katzoff
(Information System Analyst)
Cindy Most
(Administrative Support Coordinator)
Rachel Kline
(Personnel Analyst)
Alexandra Robin
(Information System Analyst)
Aaron Sloane
(Administrative Support Coordinator)
Hallee Harper-Kinney
(Administrative Support Coordinator)
Carly McGuire
(Administrative Support Coordinator)
Stacy Hruby
(Administrative Support Coordinator)

Environmental Health & Safety

David Korpan - Director Environmental Health & Safety

Christina Juarez (EH&S Supervisor)
Kathryn Villarreal (Workers Compenstation Analyst)
Melonee Cruse (Safety Program Specialist))
Mike Landvogt (Fire & Life Safety Specialist)
Erin Winett (Environmental Health Specialist)
Aubrey Arain (Industrial Hygiene Specialist)

Facilities Operation

Dennis Elliot - Executive Director Facilities Operations

Steve Chesnut (Assistant Director Facilities Operations)
Gil Bastidas (Manager of Architectural Trades)
  • Carey Jackson (Supervisor Carpenter Shop)
  • Peter Bagnall (Supervisor Lock Shop)
  • Josh Alton (Supervisor Paint Shop)
  • Ben Johnson (Supervisor Electric Shop)
Mark Sine (Manager of Mechanical Trades)
  • Tony Garcia (Supervisor Engineering Services)
  • Joe Bischel (Supervisor Central Plant)
  • Albert Gonzales (Supervisor Plumbing Shop)
  • Patrick Murphy (Supervisor PCV)
Ron Roach (Supervisor Fleet Services)
Don Popham
(Senior Custodial Manager)
Chad Worth
(Energy & Sustainability Manager)
Chris Wassenberg
(Manager of Landscape Services)
(Planner Estimator Scheduler - Operations)
Jerald Lipsit
(Custodial Manager)
Kylee Singh
(Sustainability Coordinator)
Fausto Houghton (Custodial Manager) Anastasia Nicole
(Zero Waste Coordinator)
Jackie Gomez
(Event Operation Analyst)
Chris Mase (Warehouse Coordinator)
Kelly Coppo (Warehouse Coordinator)
Vacant (Moving & Surplus)


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