Facilities Organization Chart

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Facilities Management & Development

Juanita Holler - Assoc. VP Facilities Management & Development

  • Amy Miller (Executive Assistant to Associate VP FMD)

Facilities Planning & Capital Projects

Ray Aronson - Executive Director Facilities Planning & Capital Projects

  • Mona Frey (Assistant to Executive Director FPCP)
  • Mike Hogan (Control Officer)
  • Jeffrey Dumars (Space & Facilities Utilization Manager)
    • Kristeen Eto de Gonzalez (Campus Space Analyst)
  • Anthony Palazzo (Planner/ Architect)
  • Vacant (Associate Director Capital Projects)
    • Austin Creel (Project Manager)
    • Curtis McNally (Project Manager)
    • Colin Princi (Project Manager)
    • Gilberto Bastidas (Project Manager)
    • Eric Soderin (Project Manager)
  • Vacant (Associate Director Capital Projects)
    • Carla Brown (Project Manager)
    • Jeff Dillon (Project Manager)
    • Travis Dunn (Project Manager)
    • Dan Swingley (Project Manager)
    • Brandon Medeiros (Project Manager)
    • Wendy MacDonald (Planner Estimator Scheduler)
    • Dave Norton (Project Manager)
    • Penny Sandman (Project Manager)
    • Vacant (Project Manager)
    • Vacant (Project Manager)

Facilities Customer & Business Services

Casie Hill - Director Customer Business Services

  • Vacant (Financial Manager)
  • Holly Barrett (Personnel & Training Manager)
  • Jessica Hunter (Customer Service Specialist)
  • Ben Katzoff (Information System Analyst)

Energy, Utilities & Sustainability

Dennis Elliot - Director Sustainability, Energy & Utiltiies

  • Eric Veium (Energy & Sustainability Analyst)
  • Kylee Singh (Sustainability Coordinator)
  • Anastasia Nicole (Zero Waste Coordinator)

Environmental Health & Safety

David Korpan - Director Environmental Health and Safety

  • Christina Juarez (EH&S Manager)
    • Jensen Aquino (Fire & Life Safety Specialist)
    • Tom Featherstone (Chemical Hygiene Specialist)
    • Tim Hastings (Environmental Health Specialist)
    • Vivian Longacre (Environmental Health Specialist)
    • Kim Porter (Water Quality Specialist)
    • Kathryn Villarreal (Workers Compensation Analyst)

Facilities Operations

Jude Fledderman - Executive Director Facilities Operations

  • Vacant (Assistant Director of Operations)
    • Steve Polvi (Manager of Architectural Trades)
      • Vacant (Supervisor Carpenter Shop)
      • Peter Bagnall (Supervisor Lock Shop)
      • Josh Alton (Supervisor Paint Shop)
      • Ben Johnson (Supervisor Electric Shop)
    • Mark Sine (Manager of Mechanical Trades)
      • Tony Garcia (Supervisor Engineering Services)
      • Joe Bischel (Supervisor Central Plant)
      • Albert Gonzales (Supervisor Plumbing Shop)
      • Patrick Murphy (Supervisor PCV)
  • Chris Wassenberg (Manager of Landscape Services)
  • Don Popham (Event/Project Manager)
  • Monica Cantu (Senior Custodial Manager)
  • Aaron Sherer (Warehouse Supervisor)
  • Ron Roach (Supervising Auto/ Equip Mechanic)


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