Inclusive Restroom Program

Cal Poly Inclusive Restroom Flyer

Cal Poly is committed to ensuring that everyone on campus has access to safe and inclusive restrooms. We acknowledge that gendered restrooms (i.e., restrooms labeled “women’s” or “men’s”) can exacerbate stress, discomfort, and lack of safety for people who are transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender non-conforming.

For some history, when AB1732 was passed in 2017, the university renovated all single-occupant restrooms to All Gender. In September 2022, California Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 1194 Public Restrooms: Building Standards (SB 1194 – Allen) into law. SB 1194 allows for multi-stall All Gender bathrooms in cities that choose to pass such an ordinance.

Student activism in the 2022-2023 school year alerted Cal Poly to the need for more All Gender restrooms across campus. Based on a public listening session held in January of 2023, participants agreed to move forward with a plan that increased the accessibility of All Gender restrooms on campus.

To move this initiative forward with different perspectives and experiences, the Inclusive Restroom Committee was formed. The Inclusive Restroom Committee is co-chaired by Joy Pedersen, Dean of Students and Michelle Chariton, Associate Director of Capital Projects, and includes students, staff, and faculty (see chart below for participant names). The Inclusive Restroom Committee met regularly from March – June 2023 to identify 15 additional existing multi-stall restrooms that will undergo signage changes to become All Gender restrooms.

If interested, please take the survey below to share your feedback on this program. We encourage responses from transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and/or disabled people. Individual survey responses will remain anonymous and will be accessible only by members of the Inclusive Restroom Committee, with the purpose of designing and executing a plan for more accessible and inclusive restrooms on campus. Broader themes that arise from survey results may be shared with campus partners working towards creating a more inclusive campus climate.

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Inclusive Restroom Committee
Joy Pedersen she/her Dean of Students
Michelle Chariton she/they Pride Faculty Staff Association /
Facilities Management & Development
Beya Makekau Office of University Diversity and Inclusion
Jill Baxter she/her Facilities Managment & Development
Cat Placencia she/her University Housing
Agustin Badillo they/them/theirs Pride Center
Cheryl Flores Native American & Indigenous Cultural Center
Alexia Arani she/they Faculty, Women's Gender, and Queer Studies
Alexia Arani she/they Faculty, Women's Gender, and Queer Studies
Jennifer Kearny Bates she/her Faculty, English
Cristian Reyes he/him/'el Undergraduate student, College of Liberal Arts
Georgia Alley Undergraduate student, College of Architecture & Environmental Design
Elias Cate Undergraduate student, College of Liberal Arts
Kevin Kerr Undergraduate student, College of Liberal Arts
Ryan Carter they/them Undergraduate student, Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies
Mikala Purugganan she/her Undergraduate student, BioResource & Agricultural Engineering
Ashley Rios Undergraduate student, Orfalea College of Business
Ricky Undergraduate student, College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Megan Massey she/her Staff/ Pride Faculty Staff Association

For more resources related to diversity and inclusion in University Housing, please click here.

All Gender Restroom Map

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