Event Support

Facilities Operations offers waste receptacle rentals and other event related services such as building unlocks and restroom refreshes. We are here to support any event ranging from small meetings and club events all the way to large conferences and department commencements.

If you are planning an event and need event support, please email or submit your request online through portal. To provide the best possible service for your event, university departments, auxiliaries, and student organizations are encouraged to submit event requests at least one week prior to the event date.

For questions regarding space reservations, please contact University Scheduling. With limited exceptions, all events must be scheduled in the Cal Poly Master Calendar before event requests can be confirmed. External organizations are required to schedule events through Conference and Event Planning.

Interested in planning a zero waste event? Facilities Operations provides a three-bin zero waste set that includes a compost, recycle, and landfill waste bins. In addition, the student Zero Waste Ambassadors can support large events helping to educate and ensure waste is properly disposed of. Zero Waste Ambassadors are available depending on student availability and schedule. For more information about the Zero Waste Ambassadors program, contact

Additional services are subject to scheduling and labor availability and must be prearranged. Labor charges are based on actual hours worked.

Does your event include more than 10 people for an hour or more? If so you will need to request a restroom refresh for the restrooms closest to your event. Our standard maintenance schedule does not cover the additional usage for events.

Rental supplies are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. All supply charges are based on a 24-hour period.


The customer is responsible for rental items until they are picked up by Facilities Operations. Rental items shall be returned as they were delivered. Missing or damaged waste receptacle rentals will result in a charge for the full retail item cost. Any excessive clean-up of the rental items may result in a charge to the requesting department or club. To avoid a clean-up fee from Facility Services, please make sure all event-generated trash has been picked up and removed and all furniture has been moved back into original locations.

Contact Strategic Business Services (SBS) for a list of authorized vendors for other event rental needs.

Rental Fees

Item Unit Price
Trash Receptable $1.00
Recycle Recptacle No charge
Compost Bin $1.00
Zero Waste Set $2.00
Delivery & Pickup $35.00
Self-Serve Pickup No charge
Supply Setup & Takedown $35.00 per hour/laborer
Restroom Refresh $37.00

Additional Support

Additional trade support is provided upon request as a chargeback service. Requests may be submitted online or via email at

Please include your event start and end date and requested service dates and times. Additional support services include, but are not limited to the following:

Service Trade
Sprinkler Service Landscape Services
Power Supply Electric Shop
Stages/Platforms Carpenter Shop
Moving Moving/Surplus
Space Refresh Custodial

Building Permits

Building Permits fall into three categories:

1) Permits initiated by Facilities Planning & Capital Projects as part of a project. If your project has a Facilities Project Manager they will handle the permitting process for you.

2) Permits initiated by a campus entity which is not part of a project.

3) Permits initiated by a student for student projects.

Under specific circumstances a Department or Auxiliary may undertake a project with their own resources. Please allow a minimum of six weeks when submitting a permit request to allow for inspections, plan review, and State Fire Marshall approval. Please include supporting documentation with your permit request such as a scope description, specifications, plans, drawings, photos, etc. and be sure that it is signed by the authorizing entity for your department.

For student projects, please fill out the Building Permit form leaving the chartfield section blank and submit it to If there are any questions about submitting student project requests, please reach out to the Facilities Help Center.

Activities Requiring a Building Permit

Tent & Canopy Use Permits

Planning an activity on campus involving tents or canopy structures? Use of tents and canopies require a building permit. Under Fire and Life Safety Standards of Titles 19 and 24, California Code of Regulations, tents and temporary membrane structures having combined areas in excess of 200 square feet and canopies in excess of 400 square feet will require a permit.

You will need to submit the plans/layout and permit request a minimum of 30 days in advance to allow for processing through State Fire Marshall (SFM).

A permit must be requested and issued prior to processing a Purchase Order (PO). It is recommended that event planners not commit to a tent/canopy service provider until the permit & PO's are available. The permit process may include special instruction which have to be completed by the event host or tent/canopy service provider. Please allow up to six weeks lead time on permits.

Hosting events requiring awnings, canopies, or tent structures two or more times a year in the same geographic location? You may qualify for a yearly permit on pre-approved events, (i.e. graduation ceremony, book sales, Open House) Contact the Facilities Management & Development Help Center at

Interior Campus Signage

Details coming soon. In the meantime, please reach out to


Facilities Management & Development Help Center