ESM Campus Marketplace: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ESM Campus Marketplace?

The ESM Campus Marketplace is an online shopping site that features suppliers and special CSU contract pricing. The site is shared across ten campuses (Bakersfield, Chico, East Bay, Los Angeles, Pomona, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Marcos and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.) Together the campuses have created a common website, identified suppliers, and provided discounted pricing for the campus users.

Why are we partnering with other campuses?

The ten campus collaboration has significant saving for the CSU. The campuses have shared site expense, reduced the number of implementation hours, negotiated for improved pricing and provided other improvements the individual campuses may not have been able to accomplished alone with their own campus dollars, procurement staff, or implementation teams.

What is the advantage of using this catalog site?

The common site features special contract pricing for frequently used suppliers. The pricing often represents savings of 17-29% for many of the suppliers you currently use.

Have you experienced savings?

Yes, while working with the suppliers during the implementation phase we found that many users were not utilizing contracts at all and were paying list price for items. We found some users were buying from a non-CSU supplier who was then sourcing from our contracted suppliers at a higher rate than we would have paid if we had used the contracted supplier. We found that users often didn’t know what suppliers to use or what contracts to access, often missing a discount or free freight when placing orders.

Is training available?

Yes, training will occur at the request of a user. Please contact the Program Administrator to set up a training time.

May the site be used for personal purchases?

No, this site is for CSU Business only. Discounted pricing is offered to us because of our role as a state agency or higher education entity. These prices are not offered by the suppliers to us as individuals.

Can I use my Corporation ProCard?

Yes, auxiliaries can use the ESM Campus Marketplace. All Corporation guidelines and authorizations will still be in effect.

How does the site control ProCard limits or declined transactions?

US Bank controls will govern your purchase. Any limits, merchant category blocks, special requirements will still be enforced by US Bank.

If a merchant category code is blocked, will I get an email from ESM Campus Marketplace?

No. Any declined transaction notification would come from the vendor when the charge is declined, not through the ESM Campus Marketplace or contact Program Administrator for help with the decline.

Will I receive an order confirmation or shipment receipt?

ESM Campus Marketplace will email confirmation of order transmission; however, each vendor is responsible for emailing your order confirmation/shipment/receipt information.

What do I use for my credit card reconciliation?

You will use the ESM Campus Marketplace credit card order confirmation for reconciling your ProCard.

Can I set up a “Favorite Shopping List” for recurring items?

Many of the vendors provide this functionality, and each vendor’s site will be unique.

How are backorders handled?

It is the vendor’s responsibility to communicate any backorder information to the requestor.

Can I add items from multiple vendors to my cart at one time?

Yes, you can shop multiple vendors and add to your cart. You will receive separate transaction confirmations from each vendor.

How do I see the detail of my order at the checkout page?

At the checkout tab, your order will be in a summary format. If you want to view your individual lines, click the small blue triangle located on the top left side, next to the transaction number. This will expand to show all lines associated with your order. At this point, you may delete a specific line (s), change quantities, or add internal/external notes.