Hosting Events & Venues


Do NOT sign any rental agreements or quotes with terms and conditions, as campus staff are not authorized contract agents, they are not authorized to bind Cal Poly to any agreements. Send the agreement and Building Permit, if required, to your Procurement Specialist via the proper method.

Steps to procure and pay for events at Cal Poly are dependent on a few factors, please see below before clicking on any services.

Is your event…

On-Campus Indoors Proceed to any service
Outdoors An approved Facilities Building Permit may be required for your outdoor event. Review the Building Permit requirements and apply for a permit PRIOR to procuring, renting or paying for any event services. The permit process may take a few weeks so plan accordingly. If a tent 20 ft. x 20 ft. or larger is needed, the process may take approximately 4 weeks since a Fire Marshal permit is also needed; Facilities will obtain that on your behalf as part of their permit service.
Off-Campus Proceed to any service
Services to be provided Value/$Amount Via...
On-Campus $1+ Requisition
Off-Campus <=$2,500 email
$2,501+ Requisition