Credit card pick up is now at Cashier’s office in building 1 between 8:30-4:30.


Cal Poly provides the University a ProCard to pay for low risk, low-dollar goods valued at $5,000 or less that do not require a Purchase Order. It is designed to delegate authority and responsibility to enable users to quickly and conveniently make low-dollar purchases, therefore it is the best payment solution for such goods and should always be considered before other methods, especially reimbursement.

ProCard Benefits:

  • Efficient, timely and cost effective
  • Able to procure low dollar items in person, by mail, by phone, or online
  • Eliminates the need for vendor payment requests or reimbursements which have time-consuming and costly processes
  • Vendors are paid immediately by the credit card company, increasing vendor goodwill
  • Vendors are paid directly, eliminating financial burden from students or employees
  • Reduces number of payments; University makes one payment to bank (to pay credit card bill) rather than one payment per transaction or per vendor.

It is each Cardholder's responsibility to read, understand and abide by the ProCard Policy and Procedures.

ProCard Allowable Purchases:

All allowable ProCard purchases must conform to these ProCard purchasing parameters:

  • Per single purchase: maximum $5,000
  • Per month: maximum $10,000
    1. Off-campus services with no contract required
    2. Subscriptions and memberships
    3. Conference or training registration fees for groups or students1
    4. and training registration fees
    5. Professional dues
    6. Printing
    7. FedEx and UPS (off campus)
    8. Postage
    9. Advertisements
    10. Campus guest parking pass
    11. CSU Marketplace vendors
    12. On-campus catering2
    13. Tables, chairs, tent rentals2
    14. Furniture (ONLY with waiver)3
    15. Hospitality expenses (Only allowable and with Hospitality Justification Form per Hospitality policy)
    16. Gift Cards
    17. Local hotels for hosting and hospitality, including hospitality-related deposits (ONLY with waiver)3
    18. Software (ONLY with waiver)3
    19. Hazardous Materials3
    20. Employees ONLY, ProCard should always remain in employee’s possession

1 When travel is required, state employed faculty and staff must use their Concur Travel Card for conference or training fees

2 Approved vendors, see appropriate category page for vendor list

3 Click on link to get ALL the details since users are responsible for following the appropriate process, procedure and/or policy. Not following the appropriate process, procedure or policy may result in non-payment and the user may have to pay the University back

ProCard Non-Allowable purchases4:

  1. Travel related expenses (see Concur Travel Card)
  2. Personal purchases
  3. All on-campus services, regardless of value/amount
  4. Splitting of purchases to circumvent the $5,000 single purchase limit
  5. Purchases which result in a conflict of interest
  6. Cellular Service
  7. Amazon Prime, Costco memberships or other similar personal memberships
  8. Software automatic renewals
  9. Firearms
  10. Vehicles
  11. Physical assets valued at $5,000 or more
  12. Sensitive items (desirable and high theft including computers, laptops, and cell phones)
  13. Fines, late fees, penalties, interest charges of any kind
  14. Uniforms and safety shoes
  15. Drones
  16. Fuel
  17. Any agreement or contract which requires signature (lease, maintenance, consulting)
  18. Cash advances or cash withdrawals from ATM machines
  19. Cardholders must not allow other persons to make purchases using their individual ProCard (user’s name on card).
  20. Purchases that result in copyright infringement
  21. Non-employees; exiting employees individual ProCards must notify the ProCard Dept at

To purchase restricted items or make purchases outside of cardholder’s ProCard's purchasing parameters, you must contact your Procurement Specialist

Month Reconciliation period Statement is due
January 16th - 30th 30th
February 16th - 28th 28th
March 18th - 28th 28th
April 16th - 29th 29th
May 16th - 30th 30th
June 18th - 27th 27th
July 16th - 30th 30th
August 17th - 29th 29th
September 17th - 27th 27th
October 16th - 30th 30th
November 18th - 28th 28th
December 17th - 20th 20th


ProCard website(forms, tutorials and other resources)
US Bank 24-Hour Customer Service (800) 344-5696
US Bank Fraud Prevention Line (800) 523-9078
US Bank Access Online Customer Support (877) 887-9260
US Bank website (view current balance, current and past transactions, credit limit, dispute a transaction)
ProCard Program Administrator Nieko Lopez
Administration Bldg. 1, Room 128