New Supplier for Cal Poly Staff

Cal Poly is excited to introduce our new procure-to-pay portal CSUBUY an innovative solution designed to simplify business interactions and enhance supplier relationships. This state-of-the-art platform invites you to enjoy streamlined procurement, increased visibility, and improved decision-making through high-quality data.

How to Search for a Supplier and Request a New Supplier for Cal Poly staff

screenshot of CSUBUY
  1. Registration Status -
    • Approved (ready for orders)

      Email to assist with the supplier registration process for these steps.

      • Profile Complete
      • In Progress
      • Invited
  2. MBU IDs –
    • Must have Business Units SLXMP -
  3. Active or Inactive -
    • Must have the green check mark and state Active

If the supplier does not exist in the system, you will be prompted with “Results not Found”:

results not found warning screen capture

Please “Request a New Supplier” from the CSUBUY portal if the supplier does not exist in the CSUBUY system.

request new supplier screen capture

The Review Process and Steps for Requesting a New Supplier

When the need for a new supplier arises, the process starts with submitting a Request New Supplier via the CSUBUY system. This request undergoes a two-tier review, initially by Cal Poly's Campus Supplier Management and then by the CSU Supplier Management team. Once approved at both levels, a supplier profile is created in the CSUBUY system. The user who requested the supplier will be notified as soon as the new supplier is ready for shopping, allowing you to continue with your shopping needs.

Supplier Status Matrix

Supplier Status Definition
Invited Suppliers who have been emailed a link to register with CSUBUY P2P. Either the email address is not correct, or the individual has not opened the registration link. Should you experience this issue, please provide an updated contact email, if available, to
In Progress Suppliers have been sent the invitation to register with CSUBUY; however, they have not finished the registration profile. This may indicate they need additional support accomplishing this task. Please email, and we will contact them on your behalf.
Profile Complete Suppliers have finished their registration process and are now awaiting the two-step verification process at the Chancellor's Office.
Approved (Inactive) The Chancellor’s Office has verified the supplier has been approved; however, they still are in the process of syncing with CSUBUY P2P.
Approved (Active) Suppliers are ready for orders to be placed through the CSUBUY P2P system!

Your Partnership is Valued

Thank you for your continued interest in being a crucial part of the Cal Poly community. Suppliers are the cornerstone of our operations, and we deeply value our partnership.

Let's Continue Our Journey Together with CSUBUY!