Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order is a contract sent directly to a supplier by a Procurement Specialist. Purchase Orders are initiated by departments entering Requisitions in PeopleSoft (the CSU’s Common Financial System) for your assigned Procurement Specialist to review and process.

The Procurement Specialist must send the Purchase Order to the supplier BEFORE goods or services are ordered or funds are committed.


  • Goods and/or services, over $2,500
  • Services that suppliers will provide on campus, regardless of dollar amount


  • Independent Contractors/Guest Lecturers, on campus, up to $1,000, using this form
  • Goods, up to $2,500
  • Limited services that suppliers will provide off campus, up to $2,500

See ProCard Policy and Vendor Payment Request Form for allowable goods and/or off-campus services up to $2,500.

How To Buy Using A Purchase Order:

  1. Request PeopleSoft access for requisitions via a Portal Technical Service Request (CMS)
  2. Enter a Requisition in PeopleSoft, specifying your assigned Procurement Specialist (Buyer) and desired supplier, if supplier is known and set up in the system. Provide all backup documentation, which may include:
    1. Quote/proposal from desired supplier, and other suppliers solicited
    2. Specifications or Scope of Work, if Procurement Specialist will need to bid.
    3. STD 204 Vendor Data Form or W-9 for a new vendor
    4. Single/Sole Source Justification Form, if applicable
    5. Approved Facilities Building Permit, if applicable.
    6. Completed ICT Review, if applicable.
    7. Supplier’s Certificate of Insurance or completed University Release form
    8. Master contract number, if applicable
  3. Approve Requisition in PeopleSoft.
  4. Procurement Specialist receives requisition, reviews the request and determines if further information or actions such as bidding or negotiations are needed.

How To Pay Using A Purchase Order:

  1. Supplier submits an invoice to department.
  2. Department:
    1. Reviews the invoice for accuracy.
    2. Verifies all goods/services have been received, according to the PO.
    3. Complete the Purchase Order Receipt Request Form on Distribution's website that items were received, if receiving is required on a PO line item.
    4. Secures the appropriate approval signature on the invoice.
    5. References the PO number on the invoice.
    6. Emails approved invoice to Payment Services.

NOTE: PO invoices are paid with the chartfield string set up in the Purchase Order since this was the chartfield string approved during the requisition process. Any chartfield strings noted on the PO invoice will not be used. If the PO chartfield needs to be adjusted before the invoice is paid, contact your Procurement Specialist.