Coronavirus Information from Administration & Finance

Office Supplies

Office and stationery supply requirements must be ordered using CSUBUY for Cal Poly using the ProCard. These goods may only be shipped to campus; you cannot change the address in the tool.

  Guidance re: COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, majority of our campus is working from home, therefore Cal Poly has decided to temporarily allow supplies valued under $1,000 be directly shipped to homes. When ship to home is needed, users will need to order outside of CSUBUY for Cal Poly.




CSUBUY has replaced ESM Campus Marketplace

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CSUBUY for Cal Poly is only set up to ship to campus, it will not allow you to update the ship to address.

To directly ship to home for Staples products only…

  1. Register with StaplesAdvantage using the following link:
  2. Shop on the website to get the CSU contracted pricing
  3. Use ProCard for university business related products only

Amazon Business Note: a personal account may be needed since your email may be tied to the Amazon Business account.

To directly ship to home for Amazon products only...

  1. A personal Amazon account and email address would need to be used.
    1. Use a personal Amazon account sparingly, and only for items that must ship to a home address.
    2. Use a personal Amazon account only if you have one already. Cal Poly does not pay for personal Amazon subscriptions.
    3. Do not enter your email address in your personal Amazon account as it is likely already tied to your Cal Poly Amazon Business account and could cause an error.
  2. Use ProCard for university business related products only