1. Select an Approving Official

    An Approving Official is defined as an employee with a classification of MPP, Department Head, Department Chair or Confidential Employee. An Approving Official will review and authorize the cardholder’s travel charges each month and should be at least one level above the cardholder. A cardholder cannot approve their own charges. An Approving Official for a Department Travel Card cannot be the same person as the Department Travel Card Administrator. This separation of duties is necessary for fiscal accountability.

  2. Determine a Monthly Spending Limit.

    The cardholder’s Approving Official and/or Department Budget Analyst will help determine the monthly spending limit for a cardholder. The monthly spending limit should be set to accommodate travel needs.

  3. Determine a Default Chart of Accounts.

    One set of chart fields must be requested as the default for the Travel Card. Typically, the Administrative Coordinator or Budget Analyst of the department will know what chart fields to use. All travel expenses paid using the Travel Card will be charged to this default chart of accounts, unless they are changed in PeopleSoft Financials during the reconciliation period. Refer to the ProCard and Travel Card Calendar on our website for the billing cycle dates.

  4. Complete an Application and have it signed by the cardholder and Approving Official.

  5. Training

    A newly requested Travel Card will arrive at the Procurement Services office. The Travel Card Program Administrator will then contact the cardholder regarding training. A training session is mandatory for all cardholders, and must occur before the card is released to the cardholder. The cardholder must sign the Cardholder’s Agreement.

    Existing cardholders may be required to retrain, if deemed necessary by the Travel Card Program Administrator.

  6. Activation

    The card will decline if it is not activated prior to use. To activate the Travel Card, call the US Bank customer service number (800) 344-5696. If calling from a campus phone, after the system answers press 9 to activate the tone sender.

    • Enter 16-digit US Bank credit card account number.
    • Enter Cal Poly’s zip code 93407.
    • Press “1”.
    • Enter the last four (4) digits of Cal Poly’s generic social security number, “9999”.
    • Enter business phone number provided upon application.
    • Press “1”.

    Sign the back of your card.

Apply for a ProCard

Procard Application

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