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Technology Purchases

Please refer to the Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Review Process from the Information Security Office before making technology purchases.

E&IT Procurement Card (ProCard) Purchases

Low-value E&IT purchases not requiring annual maintenance may be purchased on a Cal Poly Procurement Card (ProCard) with the exception of Internet domain names, and Web hosting/development contracts. University-related domain names (e.g.,, .org, .com, .net, etc.) must be registered through Information Technology Services. Additional Standards and Practices apply to websites developed or hosted on behalf of Cal Poly. Software may be purchased on a ProCard, if the purchase meets the criteria stated under "Software" below.

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University purchases for Dell computers are available through the Dell Website. Sign in under the Premier Login. Discounts and standardized, pre-approved configurations are available to ASI, Cal Poly Corporation, auxiliaries and State entities (colleges, departments, divisions).

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A department has the authority to purchase software when:

  1. The software is under $3,500
  2. The software is residing on one desktop
  3. The software is an off-the-shelf type of software product
  4. The software does not require renewal of annual maintenance
  5. The software is not sharing of confidential information

It must meet all these criteria for a department to have the authority to purchase the software. If it does not meet all these criteria, departments must adhere to the Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Review Process.

You may also request a waiver for software that has already gone through a technical and accessibility review process.

To request a waiver to purchase the software, complete the ProCard Software Purchase Waiver Form.

Email the completed Waiver form to the designated buyer. The buyer will evaluate your request, and if approved, email you the approved waiver which you must attach to your Monthly ProCard Statement.

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Forms and Information

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Information Technology Services (technical review)

Craig Schultz

E&IT Campus Compliance Officer (accessibility review, exceptions)

Mary Shaffer

Strategic Business Services (purchasing processes, exceptions)

John Sage

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