Highland SE Perspective

Plant Sciences Complex

Project Summary:

The Plant Sciences Complex will immerse students in contemporary and climate-smart plant sciences research with an emphasis on the farm to fork supply chain. The complex will bring together multiple complementary disciplines in one hub to tackle California’s most pressing food and agricultural challenges, including soil health, water and air quality, CEA plant production, harvesting, cooling and packing, food safety, and automation to train the next generation.

The programmatic vision for this complex is comprised of distinct components that represent a microcosm of the contemporary food supply chain from farm to shop. The project includes construction of a 23,000 sf laboratory building, master site planning with the surrounding Crops Unit buildings to create spaces for students to gather and collaborate. The design of the complex will strengthen the corner of Highland Avenue and Mt. Bishop Road as a major gateway entrance into campus while also promoting the complex itself as a destination for visitors exploring Central California’s agricultural attractions.

Stage of Development:

Building 159
Project Budget:
$33.6 Million
Planning: January 2023
Preconstruction: May 2023
Construction: April 2024
Occupancy: September 2025
Acceptance: December 2025
Delivery Method:
Collaborative Design Build
FPCP Project Managers:
Penny Sandman
Guillermo Valenzuela

College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Hensel Phelps

Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED): Project is pursuing LEED Certification

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