Off-campus at 4800 Morabito Place across from the airport

Space Optimization

Project Summary:

This project involves work at multiple locations both on and off-campus. Gensler has been hired to as a strategy and change management consultant to coordinate work at both on and off-campus location.

1A - Off campus: The university is in the process of acquiring an existing office building at 4800 Morabito Place in San Luis Obispo to serve as a new Administrative Services Center. The 46,000 GSF building will house university staff currently located on campus. Although some light renovation is anticipated, a primary project objective is to optimize furniture layout in order to minimize construction. Make-ready work is planned to begin November 2023 with move-in May 2024.

1B - On campus: Some work will be done on-campus (primarilly in the Administration Building) to support the staff moved off-campus. This work will include hotelling space set-up and service desk improvements to support functions of the staff at MBP.

Stage of Development:

Off campus: 4800 Morabito Place
Project Budget:
Phase 1: $5 million
Timeline Phase 1:
Planning: May 2023
Preconstruction: July 2023
Construction: November 2023
Occupancy: May 2024
Acceptance: May 2024
Delivery Method:
FPCP Project Managers:
Luis Mejia

Facilities Management and Development
Phase 1: Maino Construction

Phase 1: Gensler

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