Housing Program

Program Summary:

The Housing Program, as envisioned, consists of new phased student housing projects at the current North Mountain residence halls (Lassen, Diablo, Shasta, Palomar, and Whitney) and the K-2 parking site. Targeting to a minimum of 3,000 new beds will be developed utilizing a suite-style design. Full volumetric modular construction is being utilized on this project.

This program also includes phased heavy renovations of six existing residential halls at the current South Mountain site (Santa Lucia, Muir, Trinity, Tenaya, Sequoia, and Fremont).

Stage of Development:

North Mountain and South Mountain “Red Bricks” Residence Halls
Program Budget:
$1.2 Billion
Program Definition: Current - July 2024
Delivery Method:
Construction Sequence:
Phase I New Second Year Housing - Occupancy: September 2026
Phase II New Second Year Housing - Occupancy: September 2028
Phase III New Second Year Housing - Occupancy: September 2030
Santa Lucia - Occupancy: September 2027
Trinity - Occupancy: September 2028
Muir - Occupancy: September 2029
Tenaya - Occupancy: September 2030
Fremont - Occupancy: September 2031
Sequoia - Occupancy: September 2032
FPCP Project Managers:
Austin Creel
Annie Rendler
Paul Fleischer
Sean Moynihan

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Steinberg Hart
Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED): Project is pursuing LEED Certification

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