Water Infrastructure Improvement

Project Summary:

The project seeks to create an additional 1.1 million gallons of storage capacity to allow for ongoing campus expansion and fire flow compliance, upgrade pumping capacity at existing pumphouses 1 and 2, relocate the existing fill line between pumphouse 2 and reservoirs 2 and 3 out of the active slide area, and modernize supporting electrical, elecomm, and controls infrastructure to improve the overall performance and resiliency of the system.

The project will determine the best locations to design and construct the additional storage, based on required elevation to create adequate head pressure to gravity flow to the various pressure zones on campus, thereby delivering code mandated fire flows for compliance. Our 2020 Campus Utility Master Plan (UMP) has provided recommendations and locations and additional planning has since been performed, which we have incorporated into the water planning efforts moving forward.

Stage of Development:

Project Budget:
$13 Million
Planning: June 2023
Preconstruction: September 2023
Construction: July 2024
Occupancy: August 2025
Acceptance: October 2025
Delivery Method:
Collaborative Design Build
FPCP Project Manager:
Marcus Jackson

Facilities Management & Development
GSE Construction

Wallace Group Engineering