Accessibility Upgrades

Project Summary:

To continue making the Cal Poly campus a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible place for all members of the campus community, Facilities Management and Development (FMD) works closely each year with the Disability Resource Center and the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee to identify, prioritize, and implement accessibility improvements all over campus. Over the summer of 2021, FMD will be implementing several ADA projects including restroom upgrades and building entrance ramps to improve accessibility in multiple buildings. Restroom ADA upgrades, which will also upgrade plumbing fixtures to low-flow types to conserve water, will take place in the Administration building, Architecture and Environmental Design, Agricultural Sciences, Frank E. Pilling Computer Science, English, H.P. Davidson Music Center, and Science. Accessible entrance ramps are planned for construction at the Spanos Theater and the east side of Frank E. Pilling Computer Science.

Stage of Development:

Project Budget:
$1.1 million for seven buildings:

Administration Building 1, Rooms 202 & 203A
Architecture & Environmental Design, Building 5, Rooms 208 & 227
Agricultural Sciences Building 11, Rooms 108 & 109
Frank E. Pilling Building 14, Rooms 241 & 243
English Building 22, Rooms 203 & 205
H.P. Davidson Music Center Building 45, Rooms 220 & 221
Science Building 52, Rooms D32 & D33
May 2021 - September 2021
Delivery Method:
FPCP Project Manager:
Jeff Dillion

California Polytechnic State University
R.F. Koerber Inc.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report accessibility barriers or related concerns to the DRC at Concerns reported are brought to the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee, which FMD is a part of, for evaluation of future improvement projects. Your feedback helps make Cal Poly a more inclusive and thriving community for all. For questions, please contact the Facilities Help Center at or the Disability Resource Center at