Broadcast Streaming Facility

Project Summary:

This program of projects creates a livestreaming broadcast facility which will have the capability to simultaneously stream multiple academic, athletic and other campus events and activities.

Along with showcasing Cal Poly’s programs to regional, national, and international communities, the facility will support hands on learning opportunities as well as meet NCAA collegiate athletics livestream video requirements.

The project is a program of projects made up of multiple parts:

  • A tenant improvement project within building 26, to create the multi-media video broadcast center
  • Installation of specialized multi-media equipment, software, and furnishings at the broadcast center
  • Infrastructure improvements necessary to connect content from the first phase of streaming venues to the broadcast center;
  • Installation of cameras and related technology at the initial phase of academic and athletic venues.

The project is designed to allow for streaming capability at additional venues as future funding becomes available.

Stage of Development:
Planning Phase

Graphic Arts Building 26, Room 100/101
Project Budget:
$4.5 million
Planning: January 2022
Design: September 2022
Construction: February 2023
Occupancy (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy): August 2023
Acceptance (NOC): September 2023
Delivery Method:
Collaborative Design-Build
FPCP Project Managers:
Penny Sandman
Al Cruse

California Polytechnic State University
Harris Construction

Anthony James Partner
19-6 Architects