Cal Poly Plant Conservatory

Project Summary:

The new conservatory will feature a tropical house, desert house, cool tropical house, a propagation greenhouse and research greenhouses. Additionally, there will be 1,000 SF of outdoor lath area. The conservatory is fundamental to Learn-by-Doing teaching and cross-disciplinary research housing large collections of rare living plant specimens utilized by students across campus. The Plant Conservatory will also feature a living wall facility located on the outward face of the new facility, while the interior will house experimental living wall units for student research donated by Habitat Horticulture.

Stage of Development:
Punchlist / Commissioning

Village Drive and Poly Canyon Street
Project Budget:
$4.9 million
Timeline Planning:
Schematic Design/Premlinary Plans & Design: Complete
95% Construction Documents: Complete
Bid: Complete
Construction: March - July 2021
Delivery Method:
Collaborative Design Build - Gilbane
FPCP Project Manager:
Carla Brown and Dan Swingley

FPCP Associate Director:
Michelle Chariton
College of Science and Mathematics - Biological Science