Neighborhood - Building 65 - Chumash

Project Summary:

The University Union Neighborhood project is focused on upgrades to the Chumash Auditorium, an all-gender restroom conversion, and remodels for Mustang Station and Starbucks.

The Chumash remodel will include installation of Modernfold partition walls, small carpentry projects, improvements to the catering kitchen, minor improvement work for the stage, installation of fire sprinklers, and modest improvements to the lighting and audio visual.

Stage of Development:
Plans approved by State Fire Marshall. Construction underway.

Building 65 - Chumash
Project Budget:
$2.95 million including bookstore
Planning: Complete
Design: Complete
Bid: Complete
Construction: March 2021
Delivery Method:
Task Order Construction Agreement
Facilities Management & Development Trade Shops
FPCP Project Manager:
Dan Swingley
ASI - Assiocated Students, Inc.
Cal Poly Corporation
FPCP Project Architect:
Anthony Palazzo
Harris Architects/Pfeiffer Partners

Maino Construction