Crandall Gym Surge Space

Project Summary:

This project will renovate Crandall Gym creating a much-needed surge space to accommodate staff and faculty during other renovation or repair work on campus. This surge space will help to ensure continuity of business operations by providing temporarily relocated staff and faculty with appropriate work space. The enhancements will include new flooring, HVAC, lighting, new FLS systems, restrooms and accessibility upgrades.

Stage of Development:
50% Design Development

Crandall Gym Building 60
Project Budget:
$4 million
Planning: Complete
50% Premlinary Plans/Design: December 2020
100% Premlinary Plans/Designs: May 2021 - June 2021
Construction Documents: July 2021 - September 2021

Guaranteed Maximum Price: January - April 2021

Construction: January - February 2022
Delivery Method:
Collaborative Design-Build
FPCP Associate Director:
Michelle Chariton
Facilities Management & Development
California State University - Deferred Maintenance Funding
19six Architects (formerly PMSM)

AMG & Associates, Inc.