Cal Poly Partners Plaza

Project Summary:

The Spanos Stadium - North End Zone Concessions project plans to enhance the stadium experience by constructing a service area for event concessions while also integrating O'Neill Green with Spanos Stadium. The aim is to create an expanded stadium viewing experience while also providing amenities for attendees. Additionally, the future planning considerations, such as repurposing the concessions area to serve as a lunchtime service area for West campus students and potentially utilizing it as event space. Overall, the plan aims to improve the stadium facilities for events and enhance the campus environment for students.

Stage of Development:

Building 61
Project Budget:
$4.75 Million
Planning: January 2023
Preconstruction:June 2023
Construction: November 2023
Occupancy: June 2024
Acceptance: July 2024
Delivery Method:
Construction Manager at-Risk
FPCP Project Managers:
Dan Swingley

Cal Poly Partners
Maino Construction