University Union - Dining Complex Building 19 & 19A

Project Summary:

This project is a compilation of all of the “Priority Two” / Second Phase University Union Neighborhood Master Plan projects applicable to building 19 & 19A. The Project encompasses a renovation of the upper floor of the building and the associated dining concepts. Minor work will occur in the back of house main kitchen. *The existing Sandwich Plant building will become the “Pavilion” and the “Forum” (programmable student space without dining platforms).

Stage of Development:
100% Construction Drawings and In Construction

Dining Complex Building 19 & 19A
Project Budget:
$27.8 million
Planning: Complete
Design: Complete
Bid: Complete
Construction: June 2021
Delivery Method:
Construction Management At-Risk
FPCP Project Manager:
Al Cruse
Penny Sandman
Cal Poly Corporation
Pfeiffer Architects
Specialty Construction
Leadership in Energy and Environment Design or (LEED): Silver
is an internationally recognized certification system to assure, by third-party verification, that a structure meets standards in range of key performance areas, from energy savings and water efficiency to CO2 emissions reduction and indoor environmental quality. Projects earn one of four levels of LEED certification - certified, silver, gold or platinum - based on a point-based rating system.

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