University Union - Dining Complex Building 19 & 19A

Project Summary:

This project is a compilation of all of the “Priority Two” / Second Phase University Union Neighborhood Master Plan projects applicable to building 19 & 19A. The Project encompasses a renovation of the upper floor of the building and the associated dining concepts. Minor work will occur in the back of house main kitchen. *The existing Sandwich Plant building will become the “Pavilion” and the “Forum” (programmable student space without dining platforms).

Stage of Development:
100% Construction Drawings and In Construction

Dining Complex Building 19 & 19A
Project Budget:
$27.8 million
Planning: December 2017
Design: May 2019
Construction: June 2021
Occupancy (Temporarily Certificate of Occupancy): April 2023
Acceptance (NOC): June 2023
Delivery Method:
Construction Management At-Risk
FPCP Project Manager:
Mary Jo Bachini
Cal Poly Corporation
Pfeiffer Architects
Specialty Construction Inc.