Rendering image of Building 19

University Union - Dining Complex Building 19 & 19A

Project Summary:

Renovation of Building 19 dining areas as part of ""UNIVERSITY UNION NEIGHBORHOOD"" transformation. Reprogram Level 2 dining areas with new venues and seating, improve circulation pathways, new equipment, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, upgrade sprinkler system, lighting, telecom, security, interior finishes, furniture and selected areas of kitchen upgrades. Improve exterior to replace existing roofing system and new clearstory roof area, paint in selected areas.

Renovation of Building 19A as part of the ""UNIVERSITY UNION NEIGHBORHOOD"" transformation. Reprogram interior to create student space, providing students with spaces to lounge, study and hold group meetings. Improve interior to include new electrical, lighting, finishes, upgraded sprinkler system and new built-in tiered seating. Renovate exterior to include paint, new glazing in select areas, sliding glass doors, canopy at entry and replace existing roofing system.

Stage of Development:

Dining Complex Building 19 & 19A
Project Budget:
$34 Million
Planning: December 2017
Preconstruction: May 2019
Construction: June 2021
Occupancy: December 2023
Acceptance: April 2024
Delivery Method:
Construction Management At-Risk
FPCP Project Manager:
Mary Jo Bachini

Cal Poly Partners
Pfeiffer Architects

Specialty Construction Inc.