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Facility Services maintains all university building and gate locks. Each department or college has a lock core "series" assigned for its use. In the event that a lock core needs to be changed, the requesting department head, dean, or division head may request to have a specific lock core installed in a door, or may request that Facility Services determines what lock core should be installed.

Areas that require additional security can be locked with a high security lock series. To ensure the high level of security, the security series will also restrict access by custodial and maintenance personnel. Therefore, any area secured in this manner must be maintained by the department or college requesting the series, or the requesters must allow access to the area when service personnel are available to work.

The high security series is available on a restricted basis in order to maintain a viable maintenance program. Only one security core per department is allowed. Requests must originate from a department head and must be approved by the appropriate dean or division head.

Lock changes are charged to the requesting department.

Due to the security associated with locks, requests for lock core changes must be made in writing from the dean, division head or department head who is responsible for the space to be changed.

To request lock changes, submit a written request to Facility Services in Building 70 by mail or by fax to extension 6-6114.


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