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Labor Rates For Charge-Back Work

Crew Hourly Rate Overtime Rate
Carpentry 58.54 62.66
Custodial 35.86 38.39
Electric 69.99 74.92
Engineering 68.17 72.97
Central Plant 75.77 81.11
Landscaping 42.25 45.22
Locks 62.40 66.79
Road Crew 44.32 47.44
Moving 42.25 45.22
Painting 62.34 66.73
Plumbing 66.22 70.88

Please note that most chargeback work is performed outside normal business hours and at the overtime rate.

Facilities Help Center

Facilities Customer Service Specialist

Jessica Hunter – Building 70 Room 107A
Office: 805-756-7568
Cell: 805-305-8851

Service Requests

Facilities maintains state buildings, grounds, and the campus-wide road & utility infrastructure. In addition, Facilities may provide maintenance service to non-state buildings or may provide non-maintenance work campus-wide; these types of services are performed on a recharge basis. For more information, see Definitions of Maintenance & Non-maintenance Service or contact the Customer Service Specialist at 805-756-7568.

Building Permits

Departments and auxiliaries who wish to undertake projects with their own resources must submit a Building Permit Application.

Moving & Surplus Services

The Moving Request form is used to schedule moving services. To arrange for pickup of surplus furniture or equipment no longer used by your department or or delivery of surplus items to your location, use the Surplus Pick-up Request or Surplus Delivery Request form.


Facilities will fabricate nameplates based on the specifications you outline by using the Nameplate Request form. Available sizes, styles, and pricing are indicated on the form.

Supply Rentals

Use the Supply Rental Request form to request supplies such as tables, chairs, trash cans and recycling bins for scheduled events. The form lists available items and pricing.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Contact the Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555 or the Customer Service Specialist at 805-756-7568 and we will be happy to assist you!