As an employee of the California State University (CSU), you have a comprehensive program of benefits available to you and, in many instances, your family. We know that reviewing and choosing your benefits can be an overwhelming experience and that is why we provide a variety of resource information to help you understand the rules, guidelines and deadlines governing the CSU Benefits Program. This page presents the generalities of the Core Benefits: Health, Dental and Vision. There are separate links at the right for all these and other benefits; voluntary plans, Life and Long Term Disability Insurance, Leave Programs and more. View our Benefit Programs Overview. Specific health plan details can be found in the Evidence of Coverage documents.

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Benefit Eligibility

What core benefits am I eligible for?
Your level of benefits is determined by your classification and duration of appointment.

Class Appointment Type + Appointment Length (at Least) + Units or
= Eligible for:
(Tenure Track)
12 Month + 6 Months + 1 Day + 7.5 Units = Health, Dental, Vision
Academic Year + 6 Months + 1 Day + 7.5 Units = Health, Dental, Vision
12 Month
+ 6 Months + 1 Day
+ 7.5 Units = Health, Dental, Vision
Academic Year + 2 Quarters*
+ 6.0 Units
= Health, Dental, Vision
Teaching Associate 12 Month
Academic Year
+ 6 Months + 1 Day
(days of instruction)
+ 7.5 Units = Health, Dental, Vision
Staff/MPP Regular + Permanent + 20 hours/week = Health, Dental, Vision
Temporary + 6 Months + 1 Day + 20 hours/week = Health, Dental, Vision
Emergency Hire + 3 Months or less + 130+/month = Health Only (ACA)
Intermittent + Any length + 130+/month = Health Only (ACA)
ALL Employees ANY
+ ANY + 130+/month = Health Only (ACA)
+ ANY + 11.25 units = Health Only (ACA)

*Initial appointment must be for two consecutive quarters or greater, quarter by quarter contracts do not meet requirement. Once requirement is met, appointments thereafter can be quarter by quarter as long as the units meet or exceed six units per quarter. Breaks in employment will require a re-qualification. (Note: Summer is not considered a break in employment)

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CSU Voluntary Benefit Plans Summaries

Common Questions

How do I enroll?

All changes with the exception of Fall Open Enrollment are processed using the Benefits Enrollment Worksheet (document). Open Enrollment changes are processed online using your Cal Poly portal. Use the forms link above to access the worksheet.

When are benefits effective?

  • You have sixty days from your eligibility date, generally your date of hire or new appointment, in which to enroll in offered benefits and some voluntary benefits. Once the sixty days have passed you can still enroll after an additional ninety day waiting period.
  • Events such as marriage, domestic partnership, divorce, birth or adoption of a child have the same sixty day window for enrollment.
  • The effective date is generally the first of the month following the date you submit your enrollment worksheet. For example: date of eligibility of 9/15/16, date submitted 09/20/16, effective date of 10/01/16.

What is the cost for the employee?

Dental and vision are free to eligible employees and their dependents.
Health care costs vary from free to a few hundred dollars per month. View the 2017 Health Plan Monthly Rates.

Can I enroll dependents?

You can cover only yourself or include your family members. If your spouse or domestic partner is also eligible for benefits all family members must be covered under one employee. You cannot split family members between two employees. If you enroll a domestic partner, you will be charged imputed taxes on the cost of their insurance.

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Our Vendors are the real experts, view the Benefits Reference Guide for a complete listing of phone numbers and websites.

We are available: M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Benefits Contacts Kelly Mode Callie Sandoval Mitzi Watson
805-756-5436 805-756-7477 805-756-7472 805-756-5404
Admin Bldg. 01, room 110 [MAP]

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