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Lactation Support Program

The Lactation Support Program encompasses the accommodations available to expecting and new mothers, supporting their transition back into the workplace or classes after the birth of their child. Cal Poly understands the difficulty of leaving your newborn and is committed to easing the transition through accommodations for employee break times and use of campus lactation rooms.

The benefits of breastfeeding are widely recognized and include increased immune function and an effect on insulin levels of newborns. Cal Poly respects a mother's choice to do what is in the best interest for their child and their family and desires to accommodate those who choose to continue breastfeeding their children after transitioning back to work.

Campus Lactation Spaces

Lactation rooms are spaces provided by Cal Poly for the purposes for expression for milk. Each room is secluded, private, and free from intrusion. All rooms are available on a first come, first served basis for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors .

Location Room Details Hours Access Notes/Comments
University Union
Lounge adjacent to women's restroom; includes comfortable chair, table, sink, electrical outlet, mirror, and changing table. M-R 6:00a - 12:00a
F 6:00a - 1:00a
Sat. 8:00a - 1:00a
Sun. 12:00p - 12:00a
No key required Priority given to students. 1 occupant capacity
Fisher Science
Lounge adjacent to women's restroom; includes comfortable seating, table, and electrical outlet. M - F 7:00a - 10:00p Contact Human Resources for access code 805-756-2236 1 occupant capacity
Business Building
Lounge near 3rd floor elevator and women's restroom; includes comfortable seating, table, and electrical outlet. M - F 7:00a - 10:00p Contact Human Resources for access code 805-756-2236 2 occupant capacity
Pilling Computer Science Building
Lounge adjacent to 2nd floor women's restroom; includes comfortable seating, flat surface, and outlet. M - F 7:00a - 10:00p Contact Human Resources for access code 805-756-2236 1 occupant capacity
University Housing Aliso 013
Lounge adjacent to restrooms. Includes comfortable chair, table, sink, electrical outlets, coat rack, ventilated lockers, and mirror. M - F 8:00a - 5:00p Contact University Housing for access code 805-756-1226 1 occupant capacity
Kennedy Library
CLOSED FOR REMODELING - Temporary Location at Crandall Gym, TBD
Room 311, Third floor near women's restroom M - R 7:00a - 12:00a
F 7:00a - 6:00p
Sat. 10:00a - 6:00p
Sun. 10:00a - 12:00a
Contact Human Resources for access code 805-756-2236 1 occupant capacity

CSU Guidelines

Signed into effect on March 23, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) provides that employers are required to accommodate allocated break time and a location for which new or nursing mothers may express breast milk. This provision is inclusive to all lactating mothers through the first year of the child's life.

The following is required by state and federal law:

  • Provision of a "reasonable break time" for a nursing employee to express milk for as often as needed for a period up to one year through the first year of life.
  • The location must not be so far from the employee's workspace such that it is impractical to take breaks.
  • A private location free from intrusion and shielded from view for the purpose of expressing milk. This location may not be a bathroom.
  • The location must be a functional space for the expression of milk and should include a flat surface and an area to sit. It is recommended that the area contain an outlet and be in proximity to a sink.
  • If the location is not a space dedicated for the use of nursing mothers, the space must be available when needed.

Break Time Allocation

Supervisors and nursing employees are encouraged to engage in conversation and have a mutual understanding of the rights and needs of the employee within the function of the department. Departments are encouraged to look for appropriate private internal spaces that meet the requirements, if possible, for convenience. It is important to remember that lacation times will likely vary by situation according to each mother's need. Calculable variations may be due to the commute time to and from the lactation room, the time required to express breast milk, and the number of times an employee may have to express milk throughout the course of the work period.

Breastfeeding mothers with provisions for compensated break times will be fully compensated if they choose to express milk during that time period. However, if an employee classified as non-exempt requires additional break time beyond the compensated time period in excess of the number of daily break provisions (as detailed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement/CSU Policy), then that employee may use vacation time as a supplement, or the time compensated as work time applies. Although employees classified as exempt as expected to accomplish assigned work without regard for the number of hours worked, it is anticipated that all full-time employees work approximately 40 hours each week.

Any questions regarding to CSU interpretation or implementation of PPACA may be directed to the Human Resources office located in Building 01, Room 110 or by calling 805-756-5395.

Resources and Support

On-Campus Resources

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  • Human Resources, Building 1 Room 110
  • Phone: 805-756-5395
  • Email:
  • Maren Hufton, Title IX Coordinator and DHR Administrator
  • Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Fisher Science, Building 33 Room 290
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