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Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

An HMO offers health benefits, including preventive care, with no deductibles or maximums, and minimal co-payments. You will choose a primary care physician (PCP) within a network of contracting doctors. Our area has two networks available. The PCP coordinates your care, including referrals to specialists. If you go outside of the HMO without a referral (except for emergency services), you will be responsible for the total cost of services. Please see EOC for specific plan details.

Local HMO Networks

Note: Employees enrolled in UnitedHealthcare and using a Santa Barbara County zip code for eligibility will not have access to Coastal Communities Physician's network; all other plans have access to both networks depending upon their Primary Care Physician.
Network Website Phone
Coastal Communities Physician's Network 800-763-7732
Physician's Choice Medical Group 888-560-8799

Plans & Rates Comparisons

Health Plans are administered by the California Public Employee's Retirement System (CalPERS)

Please refer to each Plan’s Evidence of Coverage (EOC)for the exact terms and conditions of coverage. In case of a conflict between the summaries provided on this page and the Plan’s EOC, the EOC determines the benefits and coverage.

HMO Monthly Rates 2018
Anthem Traditional Blue Shield Access + United Health Care
1 Party $116.34 $27.32 $0.00
2 Party $305.68 $127.64 $32.18
3+ Party $421.48 $190.03 $65.93

Cal Poly's 2018 monthly contribution: 1 Party-$725; 2 Party-$1,377; 3+ Party-$1,766
Bargaining Unit 6, SETC (Trades), pay slightly less: -$5.00/-$10.00/-$20.00
*Bargaining Unit 8, SUPA (Police) only, mat enroll in PORAC